Healthy Holidays: Fitbit Giveaway

If you like to win fun, useful and healthy prizes, and who the heck doesn’t like to WIN, then today is your day! In the spirit of generosity and to show my appreciation for your readership, I am sponsoring giveaways (yes the plural means more than one) of some of my favorite things. From fitness gadgets to healthy ingredients, be sure to stay-tuned for your chance to win.

Win a Fitbit One Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker

The Fitbit One is the upgraded version of the Fitbit Zip (shown below) I wear every day to track my daily activity.

Fitbit Giveaway

Sitting is Killing You!

In an article titled Are You Sitting Yourself to Death, author Tom Nikkola, Sr. Dir. of Nutrition and Weight Management at Life Time Weight Loss, discusses at length how sitting negatively influences health. He cites that being sedentary or sitting, is associated with many health risks, including a 112% increase in diabetes risk, 147% increase in cardiovascular disease risk, 90% increased risk in cardiovascular mortality and 49% increased risk of all-cause mortality.

Before you pat yourself on the back for your “gym rat” status, those who exercise are not immune to these risks. While exercise is a healthy habit with many benefits, this is not about the one hour a day spent at the gym, but the other 15 hours (assuming 8 hours of sleep). One researcher coined the term “exercising couch potato” to describe those of us who are faithful exercisers but outside of our daily workouts, spend a lot of time sitting. The bottom line is this, long periods of time spent being sedentary is just not healthy for any body.

At one time the television was blamed for our lack of movement, however, the truth is, it is not the TV, but our sedentary jobs and lifestyle habits. When scientists compared the lifestyles led by those in the 1800s, a time period when diabetes and obesity were unheard of, versus the modern desk jockey, they found, on average we walk about 5 miles less per day which is roughly 10,000 steps, give or take a few.

Which leads right into what most experts agree to be an ideal goal for a healthy lifestyle, walk 10,000 steps per day. It doesn’t stop there, though, in fact Dr. John Berardi, founder of Precision Nutrition believes “when people increase their level of basic movement, in conjunction with doing a few hours per week of purposeful high intensity exercise, the magic starts to happen.” This magic he is referring to is lower body weight, less body fat and improved health (taking healthy nutrition into account).

Fullscreen capture 12172012 110730 AM.bmpYou can’t change that which you don’t measure, which is where the Fitbit One comes in. This little gadget gives you instant feedback on your daily activity level (including sleep). It is wireless and syncs effortlessly with your computer or smartphone. The coolest thing is the community you can form with others to hold each other accountable to your goals. Right now, I am in a Life Time Weight Loss December 10,000 Steps/Day Challenge. You can click on the picture on the right to see how I am doing. I am always up for a good competition, so if you want to challenge me in a “Fitbit Challenge”, connect with me on the dashboard.

Okay my friends, I hope I impressed upon you the need to get up and get moving! Sitting isn’t doing you any favors. And because you asked for it, here is this week’s giveaway!

How to Enter for your Chance to Win – UPDATE GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED!

I am using Rafflecopter a reputable resource for online giveaways. In a few easy steps you will be entered in a drawing to win. There are three required simple steps to enter. After logging in using Facebook or your e-mail: 1. click, 2. subscribe and 3. read. All three steps must be completed for an entry. Good luck! If you are outside of the US, you are welcome to enter, however instead of the Fitbit One you will receive an Amazon E-Mail Gift Card for the retail amount.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Jillian says

    As a graphic designer, I sit most of the work day. :( Over the past 9 years I’ve gained 30 pounds and am bigger than ever. I need to do something. :(

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