Kombucha: Chia Fresca Style

Kombucha Chia Fresca Style

One of the reasons for brewing my own Kombucha was to save money. Store bought Kombucha has a hefty price tag and I knew I could make it for pennies. My favorite and widely available variety of Kombucha has chia seeds added. There is just something about the texture and taste that makes it “fun” to drink. It comes in a few different flavors, however, I am partial (as is my son) to the grape and black currant variety. So, with my most recent Kombucha brew, I set out to make a batch Chia Fresca style.

I searched the internet high and low for tips on how to add chia to Kombucha to no avail. I was unable to find any solid information. In the end I decided to look at the nutrition information on the store bought brand to figure out approximately how much chia seed was added to the Kombucha. As I was unable to find any tips on when to actually add the chia seeds, I just “assumed” one did so when bottling (insert foreshadowing here).

How NOT to make Kombucha: Chia Fresca Style

Chia KombuchaDays 1-7: Sweet tea is happily fermenting; SCOBY is thriving, eating up all the sugar in the tea. (If you are interested in home brewing, I recommend this resource for the supplies you need to get started.)

Day 8: Taste on day 8 is perfect, not too “vinegary” and just a hint of sweetness. Remove tea from fermenting vessel and fill 8 bottles with fermented tea, added fruit juice for flavor and chia seeds for fun.

Day 9-10: Bottled Kombucha is happily fermenting at room temperature in dark cupboard.

Day 10: Remove Kombucha from cupboard, put 7 bottles in the refrigerator to chill (also stops the fermentation process) and because I can’t stand to wait any longer, decide to give the grape chia Kombucha a try. BIG MISTAKE! Here’s the tip I wish I would have found, “do not add chia during the fermentation cycle as when opening the bottles they explode”. We’re not talking glass shattering explosion, but a huge mess of chia seeds will foam out the top and splatter all over yourself and the kitchen.

Unless you want to be picking them out of your eyelashes, DO NOT add chia seeds to Kombucha during the fermentation period.” Healthy Living How To

How TO make Kombucha: Chia Fresca Style

Kombucha with Chia

DO NOT add the chia seeds during the bottling (2nd fermentation) stage. Instead add the chia seeds to your finished flavored Kombucha. Give them a good stir, for a few minutes, as well as time to plump up. Your patience will pay off.

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  1. Gladys says

    NOW I know I must live on another planet. I have no idea what this product is…or what it is for…or what you do to it after you ferment it…

    Do you eat this? Drink this? I have no clue.

    Respectfully, you have not provided enough information to know about this product.


  2. says

    My husband loves the kombucha chia so thank you for sharing the “how-to” to make it at home! This is going to be a delicious creation in our kitchen soon!

    – Katie

  3. says

    oh my – I did a tiny batch first to try. 1 quart. Bottled in 8 oz jars…those jars in the cupboard starting making another scoby or? That was nasty to get a mouthful of “gel”…is it supposed to do that? Or did I leave out too long?

    • HealthyLivingHowTo says

      Have ever had a beverage with chia seeds added? It does have a gelled texture. You either love it or you don’t . I love it.

      • says

        I just discovered the Synergy kombucha with chia, especially loved the raspberry one and l look forward to trying your recipes here…and the ginger one mentioned above in the comments…yummy!!!
        Thanks for the warnings on how NOT to add the seeds until after brewing…goodness!

  4. Teena says

    I’d like to add my thanks too. Thanks so much! I’m getting ready to bottle my second brewing of kombucha, and was wondering how to go about adding chia – now I know!

    • says

      I have changed my method to hydrate the chia seeds before adding to the kombucha…they stay suspended much better. I add 2 Tbsp. to 1/3 cup water and let hydrate and gel, then mix with about 16 oz. of kombucha.

  5. Emery says

    Just finished trying the chia blow up method. Should have read your article first! :) I managed to get the first few bottles open with a little loss but the fifth one really blew! I would think that if you added them after the 2nd fermentation and chilling then it should be fine to add the chia and let them soak? The ones in the store last quite a while.

    • says

      Uh Oh Emery! Hope you didn’t have too much of a mess to clean up. :) Since writing this post, I have found it best to actually “gel” the chia first then add it to the kombucha and enjoy. I use 2 Tbsp. chia seeds and 1/3 c. water. Let it sit and gel for half hour or so, then add 16 oz. of kombucha.

  6. Patty says

    I’ve been brewing kombucha for awhile and am always trying new recipes. Today is bottling day for my latest batch, so I thought I’d play with adding some chia seeds to this batch. SO glad I saw your post first. I’ve had a few explosions after adding pomegranate arils and juice when bottling. Thanks for saving me from another wet clean up!


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