Sunday Snapshot: Hubba Hubba, Woof Woof!

When I started Healthy Living How To a little over two years ago, I owned a point and shoot camera and knew nothing about taking photos. Although my intention was always to be more than a food blog, the beginning days were about building my healthy recipe database. I get a good chuckle when I look back at some of my early food photos. Yikes! As my blog grew (and I was sure I was going to stick with this blogging thing) I graduated from a point and shoot to a bridge camera and with a little researching my photography improved. Then, for Christmas I got my first DSLR camera and what has now become my favorite lens. When I am behind the camera I find myself lost in my own world. Nothing relaxes my mind more than taking pictures. I am, still, very much a novice, as shown by the picture below. Lesson learned. Always check for stray body parts before shooting. Enjoy your day!

Hubba Hubba Woof Woof

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