Vitamin G. The vitamin everyone should be taking!

Vitamin G. The vitamine everyone should be taking! |

According to the University of California Davis Research on Gratitude and Thankfulness, grateful people report higher levels of positive emotions, life satisfaction, vitality, optimism and lower levels of depression and stress.

People with a strong disposition toward gratitude have the capacity to be empathetic and to take the perspective of others. They are rated as more generous and more helpful.

Grateful people place less importance on material goods, are less likely to judge their own and others success in terms of possessions accumulated and are less envious of others.

So how does one take a daily dose of Vitamin G?

Here’s an easy tip from Rodale News…start by making an effort to thank people more often. Then advance to counting your blessings at least once a day for 30 seconds. Need some suggestions? Be thankful for your health, your food, your family, and friends. Heck, thank your letter carrier even if all he brings is bills. He or she may be out of a job next month.

Vitamin G. The vitamin everyone should be taking! | healthylivinghowto.comBrain expert, Dr. Daniel Amen, says gratitude is the best anti-depressant. He recommends writing down three things you are grateful for every day and within three weeks you’ll notice a significant difference in your level of happiness.

To set the tone for your day, I suggest the “one minute in the morning method”. In one minute think about things you are thankful for and write them down. Perhaps you keep a journal in your bathroom and while you are getting ready for the day you jot your thoughts down.

If you are a coffee and newspaper person, I challenge you to journal first, newspaper second. How you fit this in your morning routine is up to you, I just want you to do it.

Research has found that an attitude of gratitude not only improves our mood but is imperative for a healthy body and spirit as well.

In a world that tells us more is better, we are vulnerable to a thought pattern that focuses on what we don’t have instead of what we do.

Some of us are born with an attitude of gratitude, but for the rest of us this takes practice. Daily practice.

Ready to put this to the test?

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  1. Allison says

    Hi Vanessa,
    I having been doing my best to keep a journal of all the positive outcomes we are having as a family, since going grain and sugar free. I am really struggling with how coconut, xylitol, and other foods that are either made in a factory or not local no matter how healthy they are can be good for us. If I lived by coconut trees I’d be like heck yeah, but I live in Kansas… do you ever struggle with this? From a Christian perspective, I really could use your wisdom in this, I am a young mom and I’m struggling with feeling that if I don’t buy local I am doing something wrong. Did you ever feel this way when you started out on your journey?? I always thought that we were eating healthy, we live in wheat state! After our daughter ended up really sick and we switched to a GFCF diet we thought we hit the nail on the head, but then other health issues started to crop up daily! So out when the grains and the sugar and we are 100x better for it… we are on day 12! Paleo seems so focues on Tropical foods though, and even though I think they are healthy, are they really that good for us who don’t live anywhere near a coconut tree? How do I learn to compromise in a good way? Is xYlitol really better than honey? I feel very confused and I just need some direction. I keep praying and felt like I needed to just go ahead an ask you! Thank you for your thoughts, you are truly a positive mentor and I am beyond grateful for the many ways you are encouraging me…healthy eating is definitely choice and the results are truly worth it!

    • says

      Hi Allison, I guess I pick and choose the “battles” so to speak when it comes to the minutia. Not that I am minimizing your concerns but that at some point we just have to be satisfied in our decisions to live and eat healthy food. There is no “perfect” way to eat real food.

      • Allison says

        I hear ya loud and clear, and I don’t take it as minimizing at all. It is really difficult at times for me to remember to simplify. Thank you for reiterating that we do have to pick our, “battles.” Being perfect is such a misconception and sometimes the perfectionist side of me completely over analyzes everything!

        I decided to go ahead and try adding in some coconut… I love it! And my two girls are getting ready for their first dish of coconut milk/chia pudding!


    • Pam says

      I’m a nurse. My workload is 10 – 11 hrs packed into 8 or 9. My stress level is off the charts. Healthcare isn’t about health or caregiving anymore, it’s all about $$…! Frustrates me to the nth degree…! But, that’s another story.

      I had a meltdown at my doctors’ office a few wks ago, sobbing like a child. Subsequently, he put me on ‘medical leave’ d/t being ‘unstable’. Not ‘suicidally unstable’, he made it a point to say. And I’m not. But, my physical health is deteriorating because of my mental state.I know my adrenals and dhea are in the tank. I did the ‘spit’ test a few months ago. I have an appt with an endocrinologist 7/2…. can’t wait to see what meds he want to put me on….. Not..!

      I have celiac sprue (bothers me to say the word ‘disease’, so I use ‘sprue’. “Disease”, to non celiacs, sounds contagious). Therefore, I am extremely familiar with restrictive diets. Lately, I’ve been eating paleo and the yeast connection diet, b/c I’m thinking I may have ‘yeast’ issues as well. Had that test too (labs and stool), still within normal levels, but HIGH normals. Yea, it’s just lovely to be ‘me’ right now.

      So, my PCP wanted me to try Effexor. So I did. Tried it for 4 days. Called his office at the end of day 4, telling the nurse that I can’t focus, my head spins, can’t concentrate, wouldn’t dare drive. My doctor personally called me & chatted with me for about 10 mins. Then told me he was going to try me on Lexapro, but to wait for several days to start it. Well, I got the rx filled…. but haven’t taken the first one.

      I know this is rather lenghtly, but, the “zoloft” comment from Carolyn Almendarez got my head spinning this morning and confirmed what I’ve been thinking lately… “I AM NOT TAKING ANY MORE MEDS”….. instead I will write words that reflect the positive in my life, my blessings, my gratitudes, my prayers & reminders to be graciously thankful for the smallest joys, that mostly go unnoticed… <3 …read it daily & add to it daily.

      Thx so much for this post Vanessa. I think of it as an answered prayer. Just love reading anything you write, always has such meaning & I thank you for that. Much love & prayers for your Momma, you & your family….

      Peace, Pam

  2. ruralmom says

    I agree with the vitamin G theory. Really there are so many people so much worse off, and even if not so, there is always reason to be thankful for what all we’ve been given this far in terms of good memories, good life and even just the very basics of beauty all around us every day and the hope and possibility to choose how we see things. So even if the situation is dark right now and looming worse…it only helps to look up vs. back or dread what we don’t know but think could happen. After all, it is God’s will for us to be grateful! What is that verse…”In everything give thanks for this is the will of God, in Christ Jesus concerning you…” or something like that? This is kind of silly but sometimes, when I am really at the bottom and need something to make me get out of my pitty party, I like to pretend that the situation was just much worse and suddenly got all better. For example; I sometimes feel like I am too heavy for my height and get bummed. Well if I think about it like I ‘used to weigh 500lbs, and now I am ‘down’ to this weight, and can get around quite well, even though I never was 500 lbs, it makes me much more grateful and even feel like skipping or running at this ‘new ligher weight’ :) Or, even thinking what it is like to be told you have a deadly disease with no cure and not much time left…and then realizing that, even though you are going through a dark time…at least this time you are really NOT dying of a deadly disease! Its how you look at it…along with that viatmin G. :)


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