How To Make Healthy Noodles {gluten-free, grain-free, low-carb}

Beef & Cabbage Noodles With Asian Inspired Almond Butter Chili Sauce |

The other night I had a pound of grass-fed ground beef thawing and I was in need of some healthy inspiration. We have tired of our weekly burgers, taco salad and ground beef bowls. So, I polled the Healthy Living How To Facebook fans for some ideas. When my friend Susan suggested “crack slaw” — an old low-carb favorite — my wheels started spinning. Instead of slaw, how about cabbage noodles, made using my spiral veggie slicer. To give the dish an Asian flair, I decided to spice it up with almond butter chili sauce — the same sauce I used for my Thai Turkey Burger. Voila a new recipe was born! And — it was declared an all-time favorite by both my husband and son.

Noodles are not part of my low-carb lifestyle and haven’t been for well over a decade. Besides being high in carbs, most also contain wheat and gluten, two things I avoid. Yes, I know there are gluten-free noodles, however, they still spike blood sugar like the wheat and gluten containing noodles do. Which is why I prefer to ditch the grains all together and instead get creative in the kitchen and come up with nutrient-dense ways to enjoy healthy noodles.

One thing I have found helpful on this journey of healthy eating, is to re-train my brain about food. Once I understood why glutenous grains and processed carbohydrates were not figure friendly and actually detrimental to my health, they just become a non-option. No need to feel deprived though, as there is a plethora of low-carb REAL FOOD to be had.

Zoodles, or zucchini noodles, are a favorite and can be easily made with a julienne peeler or a spiral veggie slicer. They pair really well with a tomato based sauce. Today’s recipe features cabbage noodles — made with my spiral veggie slicer — watch this short video and see how in less than a minute you have low-carb noodles ready to steam and enjoy!

Now, I won’t begrudge you if you are thinking — why not just pick up a bag of coleslaw — instead of going to the hassle of making these fancy schmancy cabbage noodles. Yep, you can certainly do that. Heck, you can even buy a whole head of cabbage and slice it with a chef’s knife if you like. As I’ve said all along, kitchen gadgets aren’t a necessity to cook healthy meals for yourself or your family, they are just fun to have.

I will say though, we were all highly entertained attempting to eat this meal with chopsticks — as well as slurping up our noodles.

When you make and devour a delicious bowl of healthy noodles with whatever healthy sauce you dream up, you have my permission to feel more than a little bit smug. Smug, because you made it with fresh grown, not factory made, ingredients, that don’t detract from your health, but actually lends to it.

Beef & Cabbage Noodles With Asian Inspired Almond Butter Chili Sauce |

Beef & Cabbage Noodles with Almond Butter Chili Sauce

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 4 Servings



  1. In large skillet add ground beef. Spread in bottom of pan.
  2. Top ground beef with noodled cabbage and cover.
  3. Cook covered over medium-high heat for 10 minutes.
  4. Uncover and mix and cook until cabbage noodles are tender, about 5 more minutes.
  5. In small mixing bowl whisk together almond butter, vinegar, aminos, water, sesame oil, siraracha sauce and stevia.
  6. Pour over cooked beef and cabbage noodles and mix to heat through.
  7. Plate and garnish with sliced green onions and toasted seasame seeds.

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  1. Andrea says

    Oh that sounds wonderful. I have a head of cabbage that I’m slicing up to use in place of noodles for a sausage marinara sauce tonight but this is going on my grocery list for next week.

    Quick question: Any substitute for coconut vinegar?

  2. Laura says

    Hey Vanessa ,
    Great recipe and video ! I also wondered if you can substitute for the coconut vinegar and the aminos ? I don’t know what the aminos are .

    Thanks, Laura

  3. Glenys says

    Made this for dinner Thursday night after seeing your post on Facebook. This is going to become a regular. It is absolutely delicious and the best part is my husband gave it a huge thumbs up. Thank you for a wonderful, flavoursome, easy recipe.

  4. Bonnie says

    I have not used sriracha much and I’m wondering if 2T is very spicy. I like a low-level heat and my kids don’t like any (hubby, on the other hand…).

  5. Nancy B. says

    These are SOOOOO good. I love ground and cabbage anyway, and miss pad thai. It’s really delicious. I made it with sunbutter instead of almond butter, because it’s what I had. I used the smallest grater blade because that’s the only one I’ve ever used. Next time I’ll use the largest blade and make it easier on myself!!

  6. Gretchen says

    These sound very good. I don’t have a spiral slicer (yet). Hopefully, I can just slice the cabbage really thin??? Also, haven’t used Stevia alot but seems like 10-14 drops would make it really, really sweet. The stevia I have is in a bottle like yours but labeled Stevia Extract. Wonder if it’s the same or if the extract is sweeter? Thx.

  7. Betty says

    Could NOT get the little plastic teeth on the same slicer to grab and hold the cabbage!! It took 3 of us to try it and it still didn’t work.

  8. Janet says

    I had the same problem with the Cabbage, could not Spiralize it!! Bummer, but it doesn’t really matter…..Awesome Recipe, so delish! Hits all the flavors for me, Hot, Sweet, Crunchy……Amazing!!

  9. Jennifer says

    I made this tonight and got thumbs up all around. Needed to make a couple of substitutes: rice vinegar, Sunbutter, and powdered stevia. I added lime juice to the mix and topped it with cilantro and FireFly Kitchens Yin Yang Carrots. YUM!

    I also had issues with my spiralizer, but maybe it’s because I used only one-half head. I switched to a mandoline and it was still great.

    Do you know if Sriracha gets spicier the older it gets? I’ve had mine for a while, and used only 1 Tbs. It was really spicy–and I like spice! (Might be time to invest in a new bottle.)

    Thanks for a great, easy recipe that satisfies several cravings.

  10. Tara says

    I made this for dinner tonight and everyone loved it! I just used 2 bags of shredded cabbage from Trader Joes. Thanks for the great recipe :)

  11. Mandy says

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve recently incorporated grass-fed meat into my diet (after 9 years of being meat-free!), and I’ve been at a loss on how to prepare it! I love the creative use of cabbage, and I can’t wait to try it out this recipe.

  12. Sam says

    Thank you very much for this recipe. It’s bloody awesome!
    I can eat beef or almonds so I subbed pork and tahini/sunflower butter. I am thrilled to have this recipe in my collection! Thanks Vanessa!

  13. says

    Vanessa – I was wondering if you had nutrition data for this – specifically the carb count? I eat this ALL the time now… it is my favorite dish. I never seem to tire of it!

  14. Olivia says

    I want you to know that this dish is a weekly staple in our house, it is soooooooo amazing :-)

    Thank you for the yummy food and thoughts!!

  15. Elaine says

    Had this tonight for dinner, and it was yummy.

    I added some crimini mushrooms and shredded carrots. Do you know if this would freeze okay? I’m wondering about freezing some lunch portions as part of hubby’s work lunch “collection”.

    …ohh and I switched out honey for the stevia (hubby is not a fan) and it turned out fine.

    Thank you.

  16. RS says

    Any suggestions on how to freeze this? Was thinking to cook ground beef and shred fresh cabbage and freeze without cooking cabbage. Then when ready to cook, heat up , add sauce and finally serve with toppings. Any advice ? I don’t know if freezing after all ingredients are cooked would re heat very well. thanks.


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