How to Make Lobster Tails in the Pressure Cooker

We hit the foodie jackpot this weekend as our Whole Foods had a sale on 100% grass-fed ground beef, organic strawberries and Wild Caught Lobster Tails. I have to admit this was the first time we’ve ever bought and made lobster tails. At half price they were worth the splurge and since making them was so incredibly easy and equally as tasty I plan to indulge again the next time they are on sale.

Lobster Tails in Pressure Cooker

The young gal who was sampling the lobster tails said she oven-broiled the tails to prepare them. I fully intended to do the same but then it dawned on me to try steaming them in the pressure cooker. My pressure cooker came with a handy little book that details how to pressure cook just about everything. I used the basic guidelines for lobster and they turned out beautifully.

Watch the Video

For some time now, I have received requests from Healthy Living How To readers, to make some basic kitchen/cooking videos. I’ve dragged my feet, for really only one reason, the light in our kitchen is horrible. Like really, really, really horrible. We have one small window that brings in zero natural light. And when it comes to photography and video making, natural light is king. The good news is we are moving to our dream condo in downtown Minneapolis in a little over a month and we will have light, glorious light on three sides. I can hardly wait. In anticipation, I figured I could stand to do some practicing of my video making skills…I imagine the quality of my videos will evolve just as my photography has and I will actually make an appearance instead of just my hands. Enjoy today’s video…How to Make Lobster Tails in the Pressure Cooker

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Why Do Lobsters Turn Red When Cooked?

As you can see from the video, the shell of the uncooked lobster is dull and kind of olive colored brown…but after it is steamed it is a vibrant red.

Lobsters have a carotenoid pigment called astaxanthin in their shell, which provides a red coloring. However, in most lobsters, this reddish color is mixed with other colors to form the lobster’s normal, often duller coloration. This coloration helps the lobster blend in well with its surroundings. Astaxanthin is stable in heat, while the other pigments are not. This means that when a lobster is cooked, the other pigments break down, leaving only the bright red astaxanthin, thus a bright red lobster on your plate!” Source

Lobster Tails Remnants


How to Make Lobster Tails in the Pressure Cooker

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 3 minutes



  1. Place trivet and steamer basket in pressure cooker along with water.
  2. Using a chef's knife cut lobster tail in half from top to tail.
  3. Place lobster tail, shell side down, in steamer basket.
  4. Snap lid in place, over high-heat, bring to low pressure.
  5. Once at pressure, reduce heat to medium-low or lowest temp that maintains pressure.
  6. Steam for 3 minutes then quick release pressure.
  7. Using tongs plate lobsters tails.
  8. Serve with melted ghee and salt to taste.

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