Healthy Tomato Soup Recipe With Only 2 Ingredients

Easy Peasy 2 Ingredient Tomato Soup

Make healthy tomato soup with only two ingredients, diced tomatoes and coconut milk (or heavy cream). Popular condensed tomato soup from a can contains unhealthy stuff like high fructose corn syrup , wheat flour and flavoring. Flavoring? One can only guess. I say, “yucko”! Check out the video below and give my easy peasy healthy tomato soup recipe a try. I think you’ll like it.

Easy Peasy 2 Ingredient Tomato Soup

Prep Time: 1 minute

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 2 Servings



  1. Add diced tomatoes and coconut milk to blender.
  2. Process on high until smooth. (Use soup variable if using Vitamix)
  3. If using high-speed blender, transfer soup to stovetop to heat.
  4. Enjoy!


When shopping for canned goods it is important to look for those brands which don't package using BPA. BPA is an endocrine disruptor and obesogen. You can learn more about BPA here

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Easy Peasy 2 Ingredient Tomato Soup

My Easy Peasy Cheesy Crackers pair well with this soup. Give them a try!

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  1. says

    I’m just starting to learn more about BPA. How do we know what canned products have it and what don’t? Do all organic products not contain BPA? Is there a list somewhere of national products that don’t use BPA? Thanks for the recipe – I love tomato soup. Now only if I could find a way to make a paleo grilled cheese sandwich. ;)

  2. Sharon B says

    Yah, so YOU are making my mouth water!!!!! I love tomato soup but the canned versions upset my stomach!! TY from the bottom of my heart for this healthy version!!! Love your site and the information you provide. Helps me with my search of eating and living healthier! God Bless

  3. Loretta says

    Hi Vanessa,

    I found the Muir Glen in Whole Foods. They only had the diced tomatoes with garlic and basil. They didn’t have it with the garlic and onions. But I found out that they have it in ShopRite (my grocery store). I have the coconut milk and will be making the soup this week with the garlic and basil tomatoes. So excited! Love recipes that are so easy like this. Also, I love finding out about products that I was not aware of, especially organic-BPA free. It makes me happy :-) I second the grilled cheese. It’s the first thing I thought of. Thank you for all your work here and how it helps all of us. Wondering if there is a place on your site that lists all these wonderful products that I find out about along the way. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! God Bless You. <3


    • Loretta says

      Vanessa, I had it for dinner tonite. Put a little black pepper in it, some onion powder, and sprinkled it with a little parmesan cheese. I had made cheddar biscuits and I had one with it. I loved it. Thanks.

  4. Stephanie says

    Have you tried unsweetened almond milk instead of coconut milk or heavy cream? I’m wondering if it would work too.

  5. Alice says

    I noticed that you used a dry measure cup for the liquid coconut milk. There is a slight difference in dry vs, liquid measure. I use my glass Pyrex measuring cup for liquids.
    I would love to have a Vitamix ! Basil would be something that I would add. Love tomato-basil soup
    Thank you for this recipe ! .

  6. Margie Schoen says

    My mother made it with equal amounts of tomatoes and milk heated separately. Butter , salt and pepper in the milk. A little sugar in the tomatoes. I add a bit of basil. When milk and tomatoes are hot , add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to the tomatoes. It will foam as you stir. Slowly add tomatoes to the hot milk. It is a thin soup but has a great taste.

  7. CJ says

    I can not do tomato soup which I miss terribly but tried this with a can of organic butternut squash and used the rest of the recipe! WOO WOOO It was wonderful and feel like it has opened a whole new world of soups I can make! Thank you SO much!

    EXCELLENT recipe!!!

  8. Jenn says

    I’ll be making this for myself and my kids tonight. They love tomato soup, and I’m hoping that this is a hit! I’ve never done soup in my Vitamix (just got one for Christmas!!!!!!) so that will be fun. :D

  9. jodi says

    tomatoes are tricky even when the cans are BPA free, they just use another similar and just as toxic chemical. Plus tomatoes are so acidic, they are real good at leeching the chemicals into them. I would just use fresh tomatoes, onions and garlic and make it a 4 ingredient dish. Still easy!


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