How To Make Body Butter

Body Butter Recipe

Make your own healthy body butter with this easy body butter recipe. Popular lotions and body butter products contain unhealthy ingredients which we can easily avoid by making our own.

Why a Healthier Body Butter Recipe

While I was pregnant with my youngest child, I began transitioning to a diet of almost no processed foods. I’ve been cooking this way for almost two years now, and on my journey to a healthier, less processed life I’ve become more aware of the things I put on my body in addition to thing things I put in my body.

I began studying the ingredients in the bath and body products my family was using as well as our household products. The results were frightening. The air “fresheners” we’d used for years contained volatile organic compounds. Our shampoo contained parabens. The popular body butters and lotions I’d been using for years were considered “high hazard” by the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database.

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Body Butter Recipe

I’d bought these things as a life-enhancing indulgence, and all along, they were hazardous to my health and the health of my family.

So I began to seek out safer products and decided to begin making many of my own, like this air freshener and this body scrub, and found that not only did the household and beauty products I made myself work “as well” as their mass-produced counterparts, they often worked better!

This healthy body butter recipe is highly emollient, but absorbs very quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy layer. Not only are the ingredients safe, they are beneficial to your skin’s health!

Body Butter Recipe Ingredients

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is sourced from the seed of the Karite tree. Karite literally means “Tree of Life”. It has anti-inflammatory properties, protects against sunburn, can aid in healing minor cuts and abrasions. It is also incredibly moisturizing. Edible, but not tasty.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the oil extracted from the meat of matured coconuts. It is anti-viral, antimicrobial, antibacterial and protects against sunburn, blocking about 20% of harmful UV rays. It is also very moisturizing. Edible and tasty.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a liquid wax (not really an oil) derived from the seed of the jojoba plant. It has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It seals in the skin’s moisture. Edible, but non-caloric and non-digestible.

Whipped Body Butter with Shea, Coconut and Jojoba



  1. Place shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil in a glass bowl or measuring cup inside a saucepan. The saucepan should have enough water in it that the water touches the bottom of your glass double boiler, but doesn’t spill out.
  2. Over medium heat, whisk the oils together until they are melted and combined.
  3. Mixture will go from white to semi-clear when ready.
  4. Refrigerate melted oils for an hour or until white and solid.
  5. With a stand mixer or hand mixer, beat the oils until they are fluffy like whipped cream. Add essential oils and beat to incorporate.
  6. Fill your desired container with the whipped body butter and refrigerate another hour.


This body butter will keep about 6 months at room temperature. It may soften in warm weather because of the coconut oil. If this happens it can be stored in the refrigerator.

It is especially effective if used after a scrub.

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  1. Rose says

    I just made another batch of body butter today, but I used sweet almond oil, thinking that would keep it from getting hard like the cocoa butter version (which I also LOVE!). It whipped up great and hasn’t hardened yet. Thank you for your recipes!

  2. Sharon says

    I will try this for gifts this year. We are all making this Christmas simple and focusing on why we celebrate Christmas and Joy. I’m having a knee replacement Dec. 24th. We are having a small quiet family night the day before. Since we have chosen a paleo clean lifestyle this recipe is perfect! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Gen says

    This looks amazing and I can not wait to try it! How many portions do you think you can divide this into on average it its for gifts? Thanks in advance :)

  4. Susan says

    I am so excited to try this and this may be a stupid question but do you use refined or unrefined shea butter??? Thank you for posting this!!!

  5. says

    Ah! Thanks for sharing this recipe! I literally bought everything on Amazon two minutes ago (bought sweet almond essential oil)!! Can’t wait to make this for myself and others this Christmas. Yay!

  6. barb says

    I read you can add all the ingredients into a mason jar and use that as the glass for the double boiler then pour into another bowl before refrigerating and whipping!?

  7. Jane McClure says

    Would live to try but don’t the smell if Shea butter? Do the other 2 cancel out the smell? Or do u have another suggestion?

      • Michelle says

        I made this recipe last night with cocoa butter, magnesium oil and coconut oil…it turned out great. I went to use some the next day and its all hard and crumbely but melts in my hand when I scrape some out….Is it supposed to be that way? Not sure I like that because its alot messier to use. But i love the smell of it! Pure Chocolate.

        • says

          Mine retains the same consistency after I whip it until it’s used up, but I’ve never tried with that combination of ingredients so I can’t say!

          • Michelle says

            I wonder if its the raw cocoa butter instead of shea butter that does it? hmm, well i will go do some more research and see.

    • Linda says

      I was told that cold pressed Shea butter has no odor, thought I would check on this myself and what the cost was over regular Shea Butter.

      • Gabbie says

        I use cold pressed organic shea butter all the time. I love it. But it does has a nutty smell I don’t mind it but most guys I know won’t use it because it’s too smelly for them. It really is really amazing for your skin.

  8. Kim says

    My jojoba oil is yellow in color. I combined the oils and the yellow color remains. Where would I find white/clear jojoba oil?

    Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  9. Petra says

    Just made a first batch – it smells and feels so good! Thank you!

    Two things –
    1. A question – Is there an oil I could substitute for Jojoba oil? I used up the last of mine and it’s an expensive one. Would Castor oil work instead? Or a different kind?

    2. A note on portion sizes for anyone out there trying this – I made one it according to the ingredient list and it barely filled three 4oz mason jars. Just FYI for others who are portioning it for gifts like I am.

    Thanks again for posting this, I’m so excited to give it out!

  10. Steve Sager says

    Is it ok to use a pn or a mixer that we use for food with this? Does it ruin or stain anything?

    My daughter really wants to make this but I don’t want to trash my kitchen :)


  11. JC says

    I tried making something similar a few weeks ago but found the shea butter made it extremely greasy. Anyone else have a problem with that as well? I’m trying to figure out what to do because I really need a good moisturizer and I don’t like store bought.

    • Nicole says

      Try adding a teaspoon of cornstarch or tapioca to absorb the greasiness. The measure is 1 tspn starch to 16 oz of product.

  12. Kolleen says

    Love the whole idea of making my own body butter, just one problem, allergies to nut oils, soy products, and hemp. What can I use in the place of coconut or almond oil?

  13. Jill says

    Hi! I think I did somethig wrong :( My finished butter isn’t quite as white as yours, maybe I didn’t mix it enough before putting in the fridge? Everything seemed blended and translucent. Also, I double the ingredients but only got 3 1/2 jelly jars filled. I don’t have a hand mixer so I used my ninja system with the dough blade. I’m thinking I didn’t whip it enough? Does that matter you think? It seemed thick when I was scooping into jars but smelled good and is moisturizing so I’m guessing it will still get the job done :)

    • says

      Hmmm, I’m not sure what could cause it to be a different color, maybe it’s just due to variations in the ingredients? I beat mine for a pretty long time with a hand mixer. I don’t know if a blender would get enough air in the butter to really get the same texture, and that could also be why you ended up with a bit less than expected. Regardless, it should still do the job! Thanks for trying it out!

      • Jill says

        Thanks for your reply! I am thinking I didn’t whip it enough., I was scared I was over-whipping because my Ninja is pretty powerful. I should have clarified, I was using the dough blade which can be used to whip up cake batters and such. My hand mixer bit the dust and I just never think about replacing it until I’m in the middle of a project! I think I’m going to melt it back down and re-whip and see what happens. Either way, I’ve been using it and it is great!

  14. Cori says

    Hi! this might sound really really silly, but what does “c” in the recipe stand for? I’d really like to try this butter, but unfortunately I’m not used to US measuring system :(

  15. Jessica says

    This recipe looks fabulous! I recently purchased some all natural locally-made deodorants with similar ingredients and it ruined my clothes – left huge oil marks. Would you happen to know if this body butter absorbs into the skin, or could I possibly run into the same issue – oil marks on my clothes? Thanks!

  16. Jessica Metcalfe says

    Hi there, I love this recipe and was just wondering f you could use sweet almond oil instead of the jojoba oil?
    Thanks Jessica

    • says

      Hmm, I’m not sure. With the addition of the shea butter, it would probably be too heavy for me, but I have oily skin. It could be good for dry skin though, or maybe just a combination of coconut and jojoba oil!

  17. Samantha says

    I am an admitted Bath and Body SCENT lover. However, due to health issues I am removing everything (humanly possible) that contains chemicals from my environment. Could I add essential oils to this recipe simply to change the fragrance?

  18. Tamsin says

    Sorry if this has been asked already but could you use mango butter in place of the shea? Also…cheeky question…I’m finding coconut oil doesn’t like my face (breaks out)…do you have a facial moisturizer recipe? Thanks!

  19. G says

    This worked well for me. I gave some to a friend who loved it at first but then said she had a bad reaction. I was surprised but just recently found out shea butter is related to latex, and if you’re allergic to latex, you may (or may no) react to shea butter as well. Just thought you’d like to be aware.

  20. Jen says

    Yes! Shea butter is very greasy! Also Kellie I left mine in the frig for an hour and it appeared to be pretty solid so I started to mix it w my hand mixer. It apparently was still a little bit liquid in the center but I continued to mix it. Its still no where near a whipped texture. Do I simply return to frig until it is more dense??

  21. Alessandra says

    Just finished making a batch. Left it in the frig for an hour but it’s still liquid.. Any suggestions? It’s in the frig still maybe another hour?

  22. Micca says

    I just made this recipe today, I used a gold raw shea butter, it was pretty whipped and I didn’t mind the nutty smell. My question is, is it supposed to feel oily after application? I’m applying a light creamy whipped consistency but it feels like I just used a suntanning oil. How can I improve this?

    • says

      This is a body butter. Yes it will melt quickly when applied to the skin but it also should be absorbed and not leave a greasy feeling. A little goes a long way when it comes to body butters.

    • says

      Cinnamon essential oil or powdered cinnamon? As far as cinnamon essential oil goes, I think this would dilute it enough that you could use it. If you mean powdered cinnamon I wouldn’t see why not, but I’m not really sure! It would probably leave a residue on your skin after you use it.


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