14 Ways To Activate Your Internal Deodorant

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Different types of body odor come from the inside, why not battle them there instead of external masking? Commercial fragrances are endocrine-disruptors and the beauty industry uses our insecurity to reinforce the idea that we stink!

What goes in must go out – if toxic food and environmental ingredients can’t be assimilated and eliminated, where do they go? Eventually pushed through the skin in a variety of unpleasant ways, if our other systems are congested. People are starting to realize, too, that body odor and halitosis arise from bowel health.

Try incorporating these low-cost ways to not worry about body odor anymore.

14 Ways To Activate Your Internal Deodorant

1. Chlorophyll – a natural odor neutralizer, works in the blood and colon. Helps with all types of odor and rumored to help hunters mask scent from prey.

2. More plant foods – vegetables are hydrating, alkalizing, contain fiber, enzymes, chlorophyll, anti-oxidants. Wheat grass and spirulina. These are so powerful, they have been known to eliminate morning breath.

3. Zinc – Heavy duty body odor fighter, also used in many oral hygiene products. 30-50 mg seems to be a common dosage. Some foods that contain zinc are seafood, meats, yogurt, nuts, white mushrooms and pumpkin seeds.

4. Probiotics – Yogurt, Kefir, raw milk – multiple strains of probiotics keep bad gut bacteria in check, helps regularity. The first three have zinc, too, but if dairy upsets your stomach and you don’t want it on your breath, try these types of probiotics: apple cider vinegar, kombucha, fermented foods.

How To Ditch Deodorant And Still Smell Good | healthylivinghowto.com5. Cilantro – powerful superfood that pulls heavy metals and other things from inside. Also has that chlorophyll.

6. Bentonite clay and activated charcoal – also great chelators, these will pull mucous and other debris from the intestines before it gets really stuck to the walls. Activated charcoal also carries away gas.

7. Vitamin B complex/Magnesium – these seem perfectly happy together fighting odor and strengthening skin against odor changes.

8. Loose Leaf Teas and other detoxes – cleansing, some chlorophyll action, and tons of anti-oxidants.

9. Water – lots of pure water to flush out liver-colon-kidney toxins, aids digestion. Add real lemon. Gotta make things move and eliminate from the original intended organs. Don’t want to go septic.

10. A variety of colon cleanses, then the liver – internal cleanses tend to be more comfortable. Whole, nutritious foods have natural fiber so non-processed meals can do the job, too.

11. Eating garlic and onion long-term – A totally counter-intuitive move, but garlic and onion have antibacterial qualities and cleanse the blood. Just avoid within a day or two of a date! The odor makes its way through the body and out the lungs. Parsley counteracts it and has internal deodorant qualities.

12. Safe colloidal silver – this will eradicate pathogens without harming healthy cells.

13. Peppermint essential oil – is stronger than bitter foods and can coat the throat all the way down. Also anti-bacterial, again, without harming healthy cells.

14. Avoid antibiotics and foods (like sugar) that feed Candida yeast in the body.Instead of spending tons on grooming products that contain carcinogens and fragrance (which in-and-of-itself can contain up to 1,000 chemical ingredients), avoid the cost and headache and feel clean from the inside out.

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  1. Gemmee says

    I haven’t used deodorant for many years and have never had an issue with body odour. After reading through your list, I understand why. Thanks for this article. Several other things you’ve suggested I will soon incorporate into my routine.

  2. hayley says

    I love your page and your information is invaluable… Your information is so in depth that I never feel the urge to surf through other websites to find more info or to have to buy an ebook for more details.. I also love the fact that you make it simple for us to follow and to give reasons or substitutes for other foods or products.. Your page is never patronizing and you always make everyone an equal who are searching for info to make themselves healthier or just to feel good… Thank you and enjoy your day…

  3. says

    Great advice! I make my deodorant and love it, but have noticed it works even better after Epsom salt baths. Maybe that’s the magnesium working? Who can say for sure, but it is worth doing if you have a special day planned!

  4. Sharon says

    Curious what you base your assessment that colloidal silver doesn’t harm good bacteria on? I’ve heard several people make this statement but no one seems to have evidence – scientific or anecdotal – to back this up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of silver but logically it seems to me that it would kill both good and bad bacteria. Ant insights?

  5. says

    I stopped using antiperspirant about three months ago and it’s been a really rocky ride. I’m still fighting daily terrible BO and any “natural” or homemade deodorants that contain baking soda burn my skin (even if I prep with an ACV wash before) – but the ones without baking soda don’t work one bit. I do have a candida issue and have just started an anti-candida diet one week ago (also taking Diflucan at this point at my specialists’ advice). It seems like the detox process is going to be lengthy for me. While I’m going to try some of the items you’ve suggested (as budget and time allow), do you have any other suggestions? It’s summer, I sweat (a lot) – I can’t go around offending everyone (even myself) with BO.

  6. Jessie Richart says

    Thanks for the tips. I am currently looking into ways to detox and work towards greater health. Have you and your husband done any research into MTHFR? I just got back blood work that shows I am compound heterozygous for the two MTHFR genes they test for. Wondering if you have any posts, suggestions or information about this gene mutation.

  7. Erin says

    I spray magnesium oil on my underarms & then put a bit of coconut oil to moisturise over it. I’ve been this for a few months now (even during summer) & do not smell!

  8. Lynn says

    I haven’t used deodorant in over 2 years , i use fresh lemon instead . i just squeeze some lemon juice and apply it . it is perfect ! your body can still get rid of the toxins (via sweating) but no odor at all . give it a try you won’t lose anything more than a lemon , besides it has no chemicals whatsoever .

  9. Sara B says

    I switched to a dusting of baking soda almost a year ago. I do notice that I smell more strong without it, but it’s not changing or masking my smell at all… Just reducing it. The smell of pheromones is a little offensive in decent company, but my smell isn’t bad even without it.

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