Husbands! The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift For Your Wife! {P.S. Flowers Are Lame}

Husbands! The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Mother’s Day. The perfect gift from husband to wife is such a dilemma. I struggle with this day because you’re not trying to over-emphasize the relationship between you and her. You’re trying to show your appreciation for her as a mother. Your family could be the two of you and a child or children, or maybe you consider your family the two of you and your pets. Doesn’t matter. The day isn’t really about just the two of you, which makes gift-giving a challenge. There are fallbacks that are the typical gifts of the day, but that’s not you. Not this year.

9 Reasons Essential Oils are the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

If you’re looking for something to really excite her, but at the same time, keep it affordable and unexpected, I offer you nine reason to consider getting her a gift of essential oils, while there is still time.

1. Essential Oils Last A Long Time

Let’s face it. That $75 bouquet of flowers is beautiful for a few days, and then it wilts and dies. Essential oils last for quite a while before they’re used up. Plus, they actually smell better than flowers when you diffuse them, and they have a lot more health benefits.

2. Essential Oils Cost Less Than Flowers

I once got Vanessa a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and our cat ate them that night. That nice bouquet ended up being a $1200 veterinarian bill. I’m not saying flowers are a deadly gift, but I was more than a little pissed at myself about what ended up being a $1200 bouquet of flowers and a lot of wasted time at the vet.

3. Essential Oils Can Improve Her Mood

Essential oils have been shown to have a number of effects on people’s moods. They can help with stress and enhance energy levels. Some essential oils can even improve libido. I don’t think flowers can do that.

4. An Essential Oil Kit Is A Novel Gift

Flowers, a heart shape pendant, dinner out. Blah. That’s what’s expected. Novelty creates more excitement when someone gets a gift. That’s not to say she’ll be disappointed with one of the others. It’s just that she’ll be more excited, and see you as more thoughtful, if you go with something totally new, unexpected, and awesome.

5. Essential Oils Don’t Suck As A Gift

To be honest, I’ve given my wife clothes and flowers. I even thought a Caribou Coffee gift card and new coffee mug was thoughtful and useful. Boy was I wrong. Not that she got mad, but I don’t think it was much more exciting than if I’d given her flavored dental floss. Maybe she’ll be more excited when we’re in our 80s. Ever since the coffee house gift card, I’ve tried to think of something that didn’t suck. Unfortunately, my wife has all the essential oils she needs, so I’m out of luck. But you don’t have to be.

6. Essential Oils Must Be Applied By Hand

Lucky for you, once she gets her essential oils, she’ll need them applied. Each oil has a different spot where it should be applied for optimal effects. Sometimes it’s the temples, sometimes the neck. Others should be applied to the feet, and others the chest. Where you go from there is up to you and her.

7. You Might Get An Equally Awesome Gift

Word is, Young Living is coming out with a men’s cologne this summer. If you get your wife using some of the Young Living products, she may return the favor and get you some of that cologne when it comes out. I’m actually excited about that, as I’m not a huge fan of wearing fragrances that have who knows what in them.

8. My Wife Said So

My wife said that wives would love the idea of getting Young Living Essential Oils for Mother’s Day. While I don’t have experience to back this up, my wife says she’s right 99.9% of the time. I think she’s right more like 99.5% of the time, but who’s counting. I do remember that one time when she said, “you were right Tom.” I just don’t remember what I was right about. Anyway, if Vanessa says women would love essential oils for Mother’s Day, I’ll assume she’s right.

9. You Can Order Them Online

You don’t have to go to the mall. You don’t have to wait in line. You can get online and order your wife an awesome gift. No, she won’t have it on Mother’s Day, but chances are, this won’t be the first time a gift was “on its way” when the day came.

Get her a card. Let her know how awesome a wife and mother she is. Take her to dinner, but let her know her real gift, the one she’ll appreciate almost as much as you appreciate her, will be in the mail in just a few days.

Go ahead, get essential oils ordered HERE.

Good luck guys. The clock is ticking to make something happen for Mother’s Day. You’re all some lucky dudes, as your wives probably don’t have essential oils. For me, I better come up with something else that’s pretty cool. Got any ideas?

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