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What Happened to the Hype About Essential Oils?

A few years ago, essential oil posts seemed to be all over the internet. Pinterest boards, news feeds, and blogs were filled with claims about the use of essential oils. Today, the online buzz about essential oils seems to have quieted down. Have they lost their hype? Essential oils are not drugs. In the natural products industry, which essential oils are a part of, attaching a drug claim to a product is a major no-no. It’s an especially-big-no-no if you attach a drug claim to a product that you sell. The two largest essential oil companies happen to be network marketing companies. […]
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The Marshmallow Challenge

All work and no play, makes Tom and I, sort of duds. We are both very focused and driven people. Perhaps a bit serious. And also very competitive. Sometimes, competitive with each other. We've been working side-by-side in our network marketing business for almost two years. And what happens when two very focused, driven people work side-by-side, is fun often falls to the wayside. Last night I was laying in bed watching some funny YouTube videos. And came upon the Marshmallow Challenge. Tom had already fallen asleep and I was laughing so hard watching these videos the bed was shaking. Tom kept […]

Meal Frequency. Why I don’t eat 5-6 small meals a day.

For as long as I’ve been passionate about health and fitness, the idea of eating 5-6 smalls meals a day to raise metabolism, has been a persistent myth. In my early years as a personal trainer, I unfortunately perpetuated this myth. Back then, I didn’t realize this idea centered more around marketing and selling meal replacement shakes and bars, than it did about real science. Today, I see it as one of the most frustrating myths that exists in nutrition. While those meal replacement bars and shakes do have a place in the nutrition plans of some individuals, for most people, […]
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7 Habits of Emotionally Successful People

Your emotional health is at the crux of your quality of life. Without happiness, hopefulness and well-being, it’s difficult to reach your full potential and embrace each day as it comes. Your emotional health is also intricately tied to your physical health, such that an emotionally imbalanced person will be at a greater risk of chronic diseases and acute illnesses like colds and flu. One study found, for instance, that happiness, optimism, life satisfaction, and other positive psychological attributes are associated with a lower risk of heart disease.1 It's even been scientifically shown that happiness can alter your genes. A […]

5 Healthy Habits for a Healthy Gut

I want to preface this by saying that no two people are alike. Each of us has varying levels of digestive health. And when we talk about digestive health, we're really talking about a number of different components in the digestive process. Chew Your Food Digestion begins before we even put food in our mouth. It starts with the thought, smell or site of delicious food. Our nervous system is so amazing, that if we even sense the possibility of eating something, especially something appetizing, it stimulates hormones, secretion of saliva and other stuff that aids in digestion before we […]

Social Jet Lag: A Common Sleep Disorder

I have social jet lag. Hey don't laugh, it's a real thing. You might even have it too. It's pretty common, actually. Social jet lag typically occurs when we stay up late on the weekend, only to find ourselves tired, unmotivated, and groggy on Monday. Some people call this a social life. Social jet lag is like regular jet lag without flying across time zones. In both cases, our circadian rhythm or internal clock, gets messed with. And it doesn't like to be messed with. It thrives on consistency and a schedule. Simply staying up until the wee hours on Friday and Saturday and then […]

5 Unavoidable Phases on the Path of Success

Weight loss. Getting out of debt. Running a marathon. Building a business. Getting a Master’s degree. Learning a new skill. Each is a goal that requires new patterns, skills or habits to accomplish. Pursuit of goals like these, and many others, finds many people giving up somewhere between setting and achieving the goal.  Why is that? Why do people start a weight loss program every year, rather than sticking to it the first time and finding success? Why do so many people try a new skill, only to give up shortly after they begin?  Why do countless people give up on their […]

Cruise to Lose

Fourteen days of international travel, including a 7-day Mediterranean cruise, and I come home 3 lbs. lighter.  I didn't go on the cruise to lose. I don't know anyone who actually does. However, I had countless well-meaning friends tell me to be prepared to gain weight in the face of all-night buffets and 24-hour room service. I posted a little bit about this on social media and many wanted to know “my secret”. To be honest, I don't think there really is a secret. For me, it's all about a mindset. If I go on vacation and tell myself I am going to […]