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Only Dead Fish Go with the Flow

I once showed up at an event in a cute and trendy maxi-dress even though I was supposed to be wearing a branded t-shirt. I hate “most” t-shirts. They are rarely flattering, especially the unisex style with a high neckline. They make busty women like me, look like we have a uni-boob. When I turned forty, I gave up my battle with clothes, making the decision to only buy/wear clothes that flattered my body type and made me feel good when I wore them. Boxy t-shirts do not make me feel good. Before the event, I wrestled with the t-shirt in […]

Blog Posts

Stinky Feet Feet. Most of us have two of them. I despise them. I guess you could say I have the opposite of a foot fetish. You… [Continue Reading] Trust the Sparks I recently came home from a conference FIRED up. I had pages and pages of notes that I had whittled down to ten ideas to… [Continue Reading] Messes and Messages The enemy loves to use our mistakes and torment us with feelings of guilt and shame. If you let him, he will remind you of… [Continue Reading] I Am… It wasn't all that long ago that I was drowning by the […]


Hello, I'm Vanessa I once had someone tell me they did not like my purple hair, said it was for the birds. My nickname is Birdie. Sometimes, The Bird. I am a Christ-follower, wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, city slicker, purple lover, and health nut. Learn more about me. Read My Blog I blog about healthy living; from food freedom to financial freedom and everything in between. My hope is to inspire you to live healthy, love intently, and lead purposefully. Oh yeah, and to have a little (or a lot of) fun along the way! Read my blog. Let's Be Friends […]

You’re a VIP!

Hey there! Thanks so much for becoming a VIP. I am honored to be connected with you. I know you get tons of emails and your time is precious. That's why you'll only hear from me when I've got something super valuable to share. Let's stay connected on Facebook and Instagram too. In Health & With […]

How I Healed from Adrenal Fatigue

How I Healed from Adrenal Fatigue Hello, I'm Vanessa. Christ-follower, wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, city slicker, purple lover, and health nut. I have two adult sons, one grandson, one furbaby, and one handsome husband. This is my story of how I healed from adrenal fatigue. My Passion is Helping Others Continually staying up-to-date with current research in nutrition, health, and wellness is my crazy obsession. For many years this passion, combined with my innate empathy and strong desire to help others, was my career. I worked as a fitness professional, coaching individuals in achieving better physical health through nutrition […]

Beautiful Bottles

I had these custom 5-ml essential oil bottles with amethyst gemstone roll-ons made to give as gifts to our HLWEO team members. The minimum order size was more than I needed, so I'm selling the overstock in my HLHT Shop. • Purple is Pantone 16-3817 – Rhapsody• Amethyst gemstone roll-on varies in color• Cap is a matte silver Perfect for making essential oil blends. 10% off when you buy 10 or more […]