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I Am…

It wasn't all that long ago that I was drowning by the weight of what others said about me. And if I was drowning then, today, I am swimming against a current getting stronger every day. I haven't arrived but I am making progress. Two things that have helped me, “I am” statements and worship music. Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on […]

Youer Than You

A great philosopher by the name of Dr. Seuss once said, “Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is YOUER than YOU.” It takes courage to be different. But the truth is, you'll never succeed at being YOU if you're trying to be someone else. Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on […]

Perfection, Procrastination, Fear

I'm an all or nothing type of gal. I also tend to be a wee bit of a perfectionist. Which means, if I can't give something my all, either I don't start or I never finish. Some of my friends might be surprised by this because I seem to get a lot of shiz done. And I do. But what you don't see are the post-it notes and journals full of ideas that never come to fruition. For me, procrastination comes disguised as perfectionism. And perfectionism is really just fear. I'm working on it. Are you a perfectionist? Join the […]

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We were supposed to be leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for an all-expense paid trip to Banff, Canada. It's a trip we earned for being top leaders in our company. Only, Tom was going to fly home early, so that we didn't miss out on our weekly Thursday/Friday visit with our grandson. Initially, I agreed; flights were booked and a rental car reserved. As much as I love that Tom would make that sacrifice, it just didn't feel right. So, I listened to my inner voice and at the last minute decided not to go. And you know what, […]

Nobody Is Ever Going To Want You

“Nobody is ever going to want you.” Those were the final words that were spoken to me when I walked out on an abusive marriage for the last time. I had an almost 2-year old and a few days old baby. At the time, I didn't think of myself as being brave. Looking back, it was one of the bravest things I've ever done. You are braver than you know. Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on […]

Brave Lady

Three years ago, this pretty lady joined our team. I had never met her in person or even talked to her on the phone. It wasn't until just a few months ago that we met for the first time. This weekend, I had the opportunity to spend three days with her at an event in Las Vegas. As we shared our stories with one another, I couldn't help but thank God for weaving our lives together. Seeing other people be brave makes me want to be brave too. Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on […]

Leadership Lies

One of the biggest lies about leadership is that there's such a thing as a “fearless leader.” I mean, who coined that phrase anyways? Just because someone displays confidence, doesn't mean they don't also experience fear. The differentiator is in the choice to take action. Today is day one of 100 Days of Brave. It's a daily devotion for “unlocking your most couragous self.” I asked three dear friends to join me on this journey, Kristin, Jennifer, and Brooke, and they said YES!!! The assignment for today is to TELL someone you committed to 100 Days of Brave and that someone is YOU!!! […]

Confidence Problem

I get stopped all the time, when out and about, by women who compliment me on my hair followed by a, “I wish I could wear my hair short.” My response is usually the same, “why can’t you?” What I have found over the years is that a lot of women have a confidence problem. Which makes me kind of sad actually. I mean, if you don’t have the confidence to wear short hair, what else don’t you have the confidence for? Ladies, there’s a world out there full of opportunities to make an impact and change lives, but you’ve […]

Easter Shoes

One of my favorite Easter’s, I was probably in middle school. I got Maybelline Great Lash mascara and a pair of pink Ked’s in my Easter basket. My mom loved a good theme, and my basket that year was all pink. When I saw these shoes, I immediately thought of her. She would have loved them. Do you have a favorite Easter memory? Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on […]

Why I Blog

Way back when, what really seems like a lifetime ago, I was working as a fitness professional coaching clients; leading them to better health via nutrition and exercise. Meanwhile, my own health was failing. I found myself rapidly gaining weight and required multiple energy drinks to just get through the day. You could say I wasn’t living my best life. We re-prioritized our finances, which included selling our home, so that I could quit my job and make reclaiming my health a priority. During that time of self-discovery and healing from adrenal fatigue, I realized how much I missed helping people. […]


I once had someone tell me they did not like my purple hair, said it was “for the birds.” My nickname is Birdie. Sometimes, The Bird or Tessie Bird. What's one of your nicknames??? Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on […]

What Your Favorite Color Says About You

PURPLE RAIN. What is Prince’s 1984 album and the name of my hair color from Arctic Fox? Purple has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. There used to be a purple house near my grandparent’s home that I dreamed of living in one day. As much as I love purple, I really don’t have “that” many purple things. Hard to believe, I know. According to the psychology of color, the colors we prefer, play out in our personalities. Imagine that. Here's What Your Favorite Color Says About You ❤️ You live life to the fullest and are […]

Psychology of the High Five

Yesterday, I was looking for a “high-five” picture on a stock photo site I frequent, for our business. After several moments of frustration, Tom suggested I take my own. I went from searching for and taking a photo, down the “high-five” rabbit hole. I started researching the psychology of the “high-five” and the science that supports their use with kids, in business, on sports team, even with your spouse. There’s even a national “high-five” day. Who knew??? One psychology professor documented all the fist bumps and “high-fives” for an entire season for each NBA team in 2015. It’s probably not surprising to […]

More Than Just A Car Seat

This morning after my workout, I sat in the car to do some work. After pecking away on my phone for a bit, I put the car in reverse and saw this over my shoulder. Pause. Park. Tears. More than just a car seat. A year ago today, I likely was doing the exact same thing. Working in the car on my phone after my workout. Only there was no car seat in the back. We didn’t know we had a grandson. Yet. In the last six months, we’ve made a lot of memories with our little buddy in this […]

Do The Work

Since starting my business in 2014, I’ve only ever had one mantra. I have said it out loud and to myself multiple times a day. Over and over and over. “Do the work.” Head down, blinders on, focused on the goal. “Do the work.” As 2017 comes to a close, and I reflect on the assignment God has given me, I am thankful for His assistance, provision, strength, and blessing. And look forward to continuing to “do the work,” in 2018!!! Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on Facebook. What is your […]

How To Be Happy

At our company convention a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of learning from happiness researcher, and author of The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Acher. I love learning from speakers who can present scientific research with humor and relevance. He had the audience laughing over graphs and even threw in the word unicorn. In my journey of healing from adrenal fatigue, I became interested in how our mindset matters when it comes to overall health. So this was right up my alley. Did you know, 90% of your long-term happiness is predicted not by the external world, but by the […]

Vanessa’s VIP List

Hey there! Thanks so much for becoming a VIP. I am honored to be connected with you. I know you get tons of emails and your time is precious. That's why you'll only hear from me when I've got something super valuable to share. Let's stay connected on Facebook and Instagram too. In Health & With Gratitude, Vanessa ----- Vanessa's VIP List Name Please enter your name. Email Address Please enter a valid email address. ADD ME TO THE VIP LIST “True joy comes when you inspire, encourage, and guide someone else on a path that benefits him or her.” — Zig Ziglar Something went […]

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What You Need to Know About Low Thyroid

Did you know low thyroid can lead to high cholesterol, depression, fatigue, cold hands and feet, hair loss, and reduced strength and stamina? These are just some of the symptoms. Statins and anti-depressants are among the most prescribed medications. But what if high cholesterol or depression are just the symptoms of low thyroid; not the real problem? Is it possible people are often treated for the wrong issue? Low thyroid affects one in seven. It causes fatigue, reduced physical performance, and can lead to symptoms of depression. Hypothyroidism often goes undiagnosed, yet it’s quite easy to identify and correct. About 12% of […]

What You Need to Know About Supplements & Testosterone

Testosterone plays a role in muscle mass, bone density, depression, self-confidence, motivation, libido, sexual function, brain health, and more. In my article, What You Need to Know About Testosterone, I discuss why it's so important to maintain optimal testosterone levels, and what you can do with nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices, to support testosterone production. Whenever I get into a discussion on testosterone, I'm almost always asked about supplements to increase or optimize testosterone levels. There is not a definite answer on what works for everyone, but I’ll share a number options below. Each person is different, so it really comes down to personal experimentation. A […]
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Are You a Badass?

When you envision a badass, who or what comes to mind? Your green-haired grandma, who won't take crap from anyone? Perhaps your friend who always finds a way to accomplish what he wants, no matter what obstacles he faces? What about your favorite leader, who seems to captivate the crowd with her confidence, while at the same time, inspiring you to become a much better version of yourself? There's a big difference between a badass, and an ass. A badass can move mountains, and moves people to become better versions of themselves. An ass just walks over them. Vanessa and I are always looking […]

What a Man Needs from a Woman to Be His Best

What a man needs isn't much. And when his needs are met, he can handle ridicule, setbacks, failures, and major obstacles without taking his eyes off his goals and responsibilities. When his needs aren't met, there's little you can do to move a man. The woman in his life often holds the keys that unlock the door to his full potential. And his full potential makes her life better, enriches the lives of those around him, and makes his life more fulfilling as well.  What a Man Needs From a Women to Be His Best I'm not going to write on […]