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Dumbbell Dessert: A Lift Weights Faster Workout

“Do you realize we’ve been working out for the past two hours?” This question was fielded to me via JVB, my training partner and co-coach at The Movement Minneapolis. I checked the clock – she was correct. Our training session had taken on a rhythm of lift a little, chat a little. (Okay, a lot.) Lift some more, then take a break to refuel. I had to smile. In that moment, I truly relished the benefit of being self-employed and the boss of my own schedule. This particular session was an indulgence, and one that doesn’t get to happen often, […]
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Coffee. Good, Bad, or Bulletproof?

My favorite part of the day begins shortly after I wake up. Our home is cold from turning down the thermostat overnight–there’s a little bit of a chill (Vanessa would say it's freezing), whether it’s winter or summer. Barefoot, I walk to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee. The warmth of the cup, the bitterness of the dark roast, and the idea of a new day, makes for an experience I look forward to every morning. I’m not alone in my affection for coffee. About 83% of US adults drink some form of coffee throughout the day. About […]

I’ll Start My Diet on Monday

How many times have you said, “I'll start my diet on Monday?” Come on, admit it. Everyone knows that Monday is National “Start Your Diet Day”. You make the declaration Friday, as you are heading out to happy hour with friends. You eat freely over the weekend, binging on your favorite junk foods, because Monday is when it begins. Then Monday comes. You oversleep and rush off to work without eating breakfast or bringing a healthy lunch with you. You are starving when… The coffee and donut cart rolls past your cubicle (do those really exist?) and the temptation is […]

Why I Left Life Time Fitness

Enough people have asked me why I resigned from my position at Life Time Fitness that I thought I’d share my answer as a blog post. This way it limits rumors and gives me the chance to explain my departure and where I am headed next. To say the past couple months have been an internal struggle is an understatement. Was I confused? Was I dissatisfied? Or is there some other crazy reason why I’d leave the career I was so passionate about and a company I had worked at, for 12 years? If you’re looking for me to dish […]

9 Health Benefits of Ghee

Whether you are a regular or new reader of Healthy Living How To, one of the things you might notice, is the use of “ghee” in my recipes. I often get asked by readers what it is and why do I use it. Today's post, 9 Health Benefits of Ghee, is for you. What the Heck is Ghee? When it comes to dairy allergies, the milk proteins, casein and whey are the common culprits. Ghee is actually butter, with not only the problematic proteins removed but also the milk sugar–lactose. Ghee is rich in butyric acid which is great for […]

Young Living Sign-Up Link Generator

Are you a Young Living member who loves sharing your essential oils with others? Need a tool to quickly and easily create your personal sign-up link making it easy to share? In the boxes below, type YOUR member number in BOTH the “member ID” and “sponsor ID” boxes and voilà! Your personal Young Living sign-up link will be generated. Share this link with friends and family who are ready to get started with Young Living. When they click on your personal Young Living sign-up link they will be taken to the new member enrollment page with your member number already filled in. […]

DIY: Sugar Scrub

SAY HELLO….to soft supple skin. It's winter here in Minnesnowta and everything is dry dry dry. I've been using this body scrub for a couple months now and not only love how it smells, I love how it makes my skin feel. So soft! Sugar scrubs exfoliate the skin, help increase blood flow, tighten the pores and promote a healthy gorgeous glow! This sugar scrub recipe has the added health benefits of Epsom salt… “Epsom salt is made up of naturally occurring minerals, magnesium, and sulfate, which can help improve health in numerous ways. A lack of magnesium—which helps regulate […]

Essential Oil Events and Classes

Join us and learn about the many health benefits of essential oils! We host several classes each month in various locations around the Twin Cities area. Young Living Essential Oils 101 Essential Oils 101 is open to those not enrolled as a Young Living member. If you are a Young Living member and would like to attend, we encourage you to bring a friend. This 101 class covers the basics of essential oils, including: How essential oils are used How to determine whether an essential oil is high quality or not How to use some of the most common “everyday oils” […]