Being Creative |

Being Creative

Anytime, I feel my creativity waning, I take a step back and assess two things: How much time have I spent (1.) scrolling on social… [Continue Reading]

Beautiful Bottles

I had these custom 5-ml essential oil bottles with amethyst gemstone roll-ons made to give as gifts to our HLWEO team members. The minimum order… [Continue Reading]

Someone Helped You |

Someone Helped You

Tom and I were recognized for achieving a new rank at our company’s annual convention last week. It felt weird to me for two reasons, one,… [Continue Reading]

Quiet Please | vanessaraeromoero

Quiet Please

On the final day of the convention, we had an impromptu gathering at a local SLC restaurant before the closing party. We initially made the… [Continue Reading]

Social Media Break |

Social Media Break

I took a social media break while at our company’s annual convention. Which may seem weird all things considered. With four workshops to teach over… [Continue Reading]

Just Say No |

Just Say No

My middle name is perseverance. Actually, it’s Rae after my father and grandfather. But, that’s neither here nor there. Growing up, any time I asked… [Continue Reading]

Stretched & Scared |

Stretched & Scared

I’m sitting in a fancy hotel room in Park City all alone. If I weren’t holding them back, tears would be falling down my face…. [Continue Reading]

Let Your Light Shine |

Let Your Light Shine

When I started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect. I just knew I had a passion for helping… [Continue Reading]

Use Your Words |

Use Your Words

In the heat of a meltdown, tantrum, or overwhelm, three words that mommas everywhere have said to their whining toddler, “use your words.” Words carry… [Continue Reading]

Gary & Vanessa |

Rest in Peace

It doesn’t matter how you use them or if you diffuse them. If essential oils are in your home, then you have benefited from Gary… [Continue Reading]

Give Up Being a Caterpillar |

Give Up Being a Caterpillar

I am reading a book called Secrets of Six-Figure Women. The author interviewed women who make six-figure incomes (or more), in different industries with various… [Continue Reading]

Do More |

Do More

I’ve been pretty much laid up in bed since Saturday with an upper respiratory virus. Believe you me, this is NOT how I wanted to… [Continue Reading]

Stinky Feet |

Stinky Feet

Feet. Most of us have two of them. I despise them. I guess you could say I have the opposite of a foot fetish. You… [Continue Reading]

Trust the Sparks |

Trust the Sparks

I recently came home from a conference FIRED up. I had pages and pages of notes that I had whittled down to ten ideas to… [Continue Reading]

Perfection Procrastination Fear |

Perfection, Procrastination, Fear

I’m an all or nothing type of gal. I also tend to be a wee bit of a perfectionist. Which means, if I can’t give… [Continue Reading]

Brave Lady |

Brave Lady

Three years ago, this pretty lady joined our team. I had never met her in person or even talked to her on the phone. It… [Continue Reading]

Brave |

Leadership Lies

One of the biggest lies about leadership is that there’s such a thing as a “fearless leader.” I mean, who coined that phrase anyways? Just… [Continue Reading]

Why I Blog

Way back when, what really seems like a lifetime ago, I was working as a fitness professional coaching clients; leading them to better health via… [Continue Reading]

Do The Work |

Do The Work

Since starting my business in 2014, I’ve only ever had one mantra. I have said it out loud and to myself multiple times a day…. [Continue Reading]

7 Ways to Make Your Corporate Job Happier and Healthier |

7 Ways to Make Your Corporate Job Happier and Healthier

Are you frustrated with your current corporate gig? Is it possible that a change in your work environment might help you change the way you… [Continue Reading]