When You Have a Bad Day | vanessaraeromero.com

When You Have a Bad Day

Every once in a great while, I wake up with this weird feeling. My body is overcome with fatigue, it’s usually accompanied by a tension… [Continue Reading]

What You Need to Know About Low Thyroid | healthylivinghowto.com

What You Need to Know About Low Thyroid

Did you know low thyroid can lead to high cholesterol, depression, fatigue, cold hands and feet, hair loss, and reduced strength and stamina? These are… [Continue Reading]

What You Need to Know About Supplements & Testosterone | healthylivinghowto.com | Tom Nikkola

What You Need to Know About Supplements & Testosterone

Testosterone plays a role in muscle mass, bone density, depression, self-confidence, motivation, libido, sexual function, brain health, and more. In my article, What You Need to Know… [Continue Reading]

What You Need to Know About Testosterone

Worn out? Irritable? Gaining weight? Low libido? Memory problems? You and your doctor might not think about low testosterone, when you think about your symptoms, but… [Continue Reading]

Why You're Not Losing Weight on a Low-Carb Diet | healthylivinghowto.com

Why You’re Not Losing Weight on a Low-Carb Diet

“What?! Doesn’t everyone lose weight on a low-carb diet? What is this nonsense all about?” I can hear the pushback from the low-carb devotees already…. [Continue Reading]

5 Tips to Win a Weight Loss Contest

5 Tips to Win a Weight Loss Contest

Weight loss is simple. But it is not always easy. It can feel lonely at times, as everyone around you seems to enjoy their unhealthy… [Continue Reading]

Hype About Essential Oils | healthylivinghowto.com

What Happened to the Hype About Essential Oils?

A few years ago, essential oil posts seemed to be all over the internet. Pinterest boards, news feeds, and blogs were filled with claims about the… [Continue Reading]

Meal Frequency | healthylivinghowto.com

Meal Frequency. Why I don’t eat 5-6 small meals a day.

For as long as I’ve been passionate about health and fitness, the idea of eating 5-6 smalls meals a day to raise metabolism, has been… [Continue Reading]

5 Healthy Habits for a Healthy Gut | healthylivinghowto.com

5 Healthy Habits for a Healthy Gut

I want to preface this by saying that no two people are alike. Each of us has varying levels of digestive health. And when we… [Continue Reading]

Social Jet Lag: A Common Sleep Disorder

I have social jet lag. Hey don’t laugh, it’s a real thing. You might even have it too. It’s pretty common, actually. Social jet lag typically occurs… [Continue Reading]

5 Simple Tips to Slim Up for Summer

Summer is right around the corner. At least it’s supposed to be. Although yesterday, it was in the 40s here in Minneapolis and our pool… [Continue Reading]

Amateur's Guide to Libido | healthylivinghowto.com

Amateur’s Guide to Libido

This is one of those topics no one wants to talk about. In a committed relationship, kissing and sex is an incredibly healthy activity. Sex is good… [Continue Reading]

10 Easy Tip. How To Detox Daily. | healthylivinghowto.com

10 Easy Tips For How To Detox Daily

Toxins. They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medications we take and the water we drink. Detoxification. The body’s way… [Continue Reading]

How To Get Rid of Hiccups Instantly | healthylivinghowto.com

How To Get Rid of Hiccups Instantly

Do you ever get the hiccups? Have you tried everything to get rid of them only to still have hiccups? Every once in a while,… [Continue Reading]

Dumbbell Dessert: A Lift Weights Faster Workout

“Do you realize we’ve been working out for the past two hours?” This question was fielded to me via JVB, my training partner and co-coach… [Continue Reading]

The Best Investment I Made In 2014 | healthylivinghowto.com

The Best Investment I Made In 2014. I Hired a Personal Trainer.

I have a secret to share. I hired a personal trainer. I’ve spent the better part, of the past 12 years, immersed in health, nutrition… [Continue Reading]

3 Simple Tips for Surviving the Holiday Season Without Sabotaging Your Health

It’s 28 degrees F and the first winter storm is on its way here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With the exception of the below freezing temps… [Continue Reading]

Essential Oils: 50 Simple Recipes for a Healthy Body & Healthy Home

My friend Kyndra Holley and I have been hard at work on our first essential oils ebook.  We are so excited to present to you…… [Continue Reading]

Walk This Way! Health Benefits of Walking | healthylivinghowto.com

Walk This Way. Health Benefits of Walking.

Now that the weather is warming in northern part of the United States, it’s much more common to see people walking and hiking through neighborhoods… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Brain Healthy Body | healthylivinghowto.com

Healthy Brain, Healthy Body

I admit, I didn’t give brain health much thought, until my mother was diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease (LBD). LBD is a form of dementia… [Continue Reading]