One-Minute Cinnamon Coffee Cake

One-Minute Cinnamon Coffee Cake

A few weeks back, Tom and I went out for brunch at an award-winning restaurant here in downtown Minneapolis. One of the menu items we oohed and… [Continue Reading]

Cheers to You |

Cheers to You

The sun is shining and it’s +70 degrees F in Minnesota. This is one of my all-time fave spring/summer after dinner drinks. Caffeine-free Zevia Cola… [Continue Reading]

2-Minute Banana Bread Muffin |

Two-Minute Banana Bread Muffin

Our grandson loves bananas, which means we often have an overly ripe one sitting on our counter. Lately, I’ve been craving banana bread and thought… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Brownies 2 |

Healthy Brownies

Unbeknownst to me, Tom recently ordered some Paleo brownies online. And when they came, I said, “Honey, I can make these healthy brownies, probably better.”… [Continue Reading]

Easy Peasy Shrimp Ceviche |

Easy Peasy Shrimp Ceviche

A few months back my friend Angie brought the most amazing Shrimp Ceviche to game night. I helped myself to several servings and she took… [Continue Reading]

Cranberry Pumpkin Bars |

Cranberry Pumpkin Bars

A very sweet member of our Healthy Living With Essential Oils team sent me a huge box of the most beautiful fresh cranberries. Her family… [Continue Reading]

Mexican Hot Chocolate |

Mexican Hot Chocolate

My paternal grandparents immigrated from Mexico, coming to the United States and eventually, settling in Minnesota at a young age. My grandma still in her… [Continue Reading]

DIY Sugar Scrub |

DIY: Sugar Scrub

SAY HELLO….to soft supple skin. It’s winter here in Minnesnowta and everything is dry dry dry. I’ve been using this body scrub for a couple… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Recipe: Caesar Salad with Cashew Paresan Cheese |

Caesar Salad with Cashew “Parmesan” Cheese

I’m far from being a raw vegan, but for whatever reason, lately, I have been drawn to recipes, tips and tricks alike, used in this… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Recipe: Garlic Cilantro Mahi Mahi |

Garlic Cilantro Mahi Mahi

We heart cilantro in this house. We like it in salsa, we like it as a garnish, we just like it. Period. And fish is… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Rice-A-Roni |

Green Cauliflower Rice with Chicken, Mushrooms, Onion & Garlic

Have you ever seen a head of green cauliflower? Me neither. Until yesterday that is. Now, this is not to be confused with Romanesco which is… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Recipe: Paleo Flatbread |

Paleo Flatbread

My name is Sylvie and I may or may not have a bread problem.  Ok, I do.  I do have a bread problem.  You see… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Recipe: Lamb Chops with Mint Pesto |

Lamb Chops with Mint Pesto

Using fresh herbs to make sauces such as pestos, can be a great way to add variety to a Paleo diet. You can mix and… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Recipe Chicken Meatballs in Onion Broth with Vegetables |

Chicken Meatballs in Onion Broth with Vegetables

Soup is one of those meals for me that is both filling and satisfying, yet is also emotionally comforting. The season doesn’t matter, nor the… [Continue Reading]

How To Make Your Own Mayo |

How To Make Your Own Mayo

In our kitchen, we have ditched everything containing vegetable oil including mayonnaise. Most commercial mayo is made with soybean oil. They even sneak it into… [Continue Reading]

How To Ferment Vegetables |

A Beginner’s Guide: How To Ferment Vegetables

Culturing or fermenting raw vegetables can be a little intimidating. The process really is quite simple, but it seems like a lot to keep track… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Recipe: Guacamole |

Healthy Recipe: Guacamole

The avocado comes from a tree native to Central Mexico. While it is common to refer to the avocado as a vegetable, botanically speaking it… [Continue Reading]

DIY Lip Balm |

DIY: Lip Balm

In case you hadn’t noticed I am all about essential oil these days. It was my one goal for 2014 — to learn about essential… [Continue Reading]

Crispy Oven Baked Coconut Shrimp |

Crispy Oven Baked Coconut Shrimp

This is one of those dishes that is incredibly simple, but somehow feels incredibly complex.  It’s literally just peeled shrimp, tossed with some eggs, then… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Recipe Raspberry Swirl Cream Cheese Custard |

Raspberry Swirl Cream Cheese Custard

Somewhere, early on in my experience with low-glycemic foods, I discovered that ice cream was a perfect tool for my new found way of life. … [Continue Reading]