Goodbyes Make Me Cry |

Goodbyes Always Make Me Cry…

…and saying goodbye to the yellow brick road was no different. Elton John put on a fantastic farewell show in Minneapolis as part of his… [Continue Reading]

Valentine's Day 2019 |

Sixty-Hundred Dollars

“I love my grandma sixty-hundred dollars to the moon and back.” -Asher, 4 yo We spent our Valentine’s Day together playing Nerf guns, trucks, and… [Continue Reading]

Dice |

My Top 10 Amazon “Buy It Agains” for 2018 That Are Not Boring

207. That’s the number of Amazon orders we placed in 2018. It doesn’t include the orders we placed for groceries and other “must have them… [Continue Reading]

Purple Sunglasses |

I May or May Not Have BO

Hello, I’m Vanessa. I once had someone tell me they did not like my purple hair, said it was for the birds. My nickname is… [Continue Reading]

Seven Years |

If I Only Had Seven Good Years Left

I am about the same age today, that my mom was in this picture. She had seven “good” years left before the symptoms of Lewy… [Continue Reading]

Do For Others |

What Are You Doing for Others

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”” — Martin Luther King, Jr. I don’t know about you, but sometimes… [Continue Reading]

Beauty from Ashes |

Beauty from Ashes

Our (court) order includes a holiday schedule. We get our little buddy on Christmas, they get him on Christmas Eve. When you say it that… [Continue Reading]

Good Mug |

Mugs Matter

I love a good mug. Handle has to fit at least two fingers. Three is even better. Purple takes it to another level. However, what… [Continue Reading]

Just Say No |

Just Say No

As of late, I’ve had several conversations with friends who are so overwhelmed because they can’t say no. I get that it feels good to… [Continue Reading]

Family Blessing |

Thanksgiving Blessing

On Thanksgiving, it’s only appropriate to share my favorite mealtime blessing, courtesy of my dad. “Father, Son, Holy Ghost, bless the one who eats the… [Continue Reading]

Lady Lumberjack |

Lady Lumberjack

Finished out our fall axe throwing season tonight with a third place win in our region and top 50 in the nation!!! Who knew I… [Continue Reading]

Goin' to the Chapel |

Goin’ to the Chapel

Or should I say courthouse and we’re gonna get married!!! Yes, we did. Fifteen years ago, Tom Nikkola and I (without telling anyone) got married at the… [Continue Reading]

Sunsets are Proof |

Sunsets are Proof

It’s been cloudy and raining pretty much every day since we moved into our new apartment. Which made last night’s sunset even more special, being… [Continue Reading]

Twenty One Months Ago |

Twenty-One Months Ago

On Tom’s 40th birthday, we learned of a little boy named Asher. We knew he was our grandson the moment we laid eyes on him…. [Continue Reading]

Lesson Learned |

Lesson Learned

I just realized that Facebook has deleted all of my FB Live videos from the past few months. My #keto Costco haul is gone. My Mother’s Day… [Continue Reading]

Boys & Band-Aids |

Boys & Band-Aids

“Stay right there Grandpa Tom,” Asher yelled, as he ran to the kitchen to get the Band-Aids. Grandpa Tom had stepped on a carpet tack… [Continue Reading]

Flying Trapeze |

Flying Trapeze

They say you should “do one thing every day that scares you.” Surely this counts for a year of fear because this scared the shizzz… [Continue Reading]

Man Up |

Man Up

When Tom and I met in the fall of 2002, Jacob and Brodrick were six and eight. In our almost 15 years of marriage, he has never… [Continue Reading]

Social Media Break |

Social Media Break

I took a social media break while at our company’s annual convention. Which may seem weird all things considered. With four workshops to teach over… [Continue Reading]

Just Say No |

Just Say No

My middle name is perseverance. Actually, it’s Rae after my father and grandfather. But, that’s neither here nor there. Growing up, any time I asked… [Continue Reading]