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Dear Dad

Last week you gave us a scareBut with some tender-loving careYour heart is on the mend We all knew it wasn’t the endYou’ve got fish to catch, golf to playAnd family and friends to visit every dayWe’re all so glad you’re alive Celebrating seventy-five!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!! ????????????,Your Tessie Bird Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on Facebook and help me wish my dad a happy […]

Happy Easter 2019

We were blessed to have our little buddy Asher this weekend. Took him to an Easter egg hunt at the park yesterday as well as his first visit to the driving range. This morning we woke to a path of purple eggs that ended at his Easter basket. Breakfast, shower, and brushed our teeth twice and Asher was ready for church with his other grandparents. Tom and I went for a walk to a favorite breakfast spot/coffee shop, then back home to start cooking our Easter dinner. The Romero Family arrived around 3 pm for a traditional ham dinner. Afterward, […]

Cheers to You

The sun is shining and it’s +70 degrees F in Minnesota. This is one of my all-time fave spring/summer after dinner drinks. Caffeine-free Zevia Cola (sweetened with Stevia) and a few drops Lime Vitality. If you want to liven up the party, a splash of vodka is yummy!!! Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on […]

The Only Place I Want To Be

I was laying in bed with Asher last night — he was long asleep and I was just drifting off. Tom came in and said, “your dad had a heart attack.” All I heard was “heart attack” and “dad.” I thought he said his dad. I immediately sat up, and he handed me the phone, it was my sister. Then it clicked. My dad. My dad had a heart attack. He will be in the hospital through the weekend and on Monday they’ll do an angiogram to assess heart damage and then we will go from there. We’ve been hanging […]

Soak Your Strawberries

Every year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) publishes a shopper's guide to pesticides in produce. The clean fifteen are those foods with the lowest pesticide residue and the dirty dozen the highest. When enjoying foods from the dirty list, buy organic when possible and always be sure to wash your produce. I use Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak. I picked up these gorgeous organic strawberries (you'll notice they are #1 on the dirty dozen list below) from Costco yesterday. I gave them a quick bath and cleaned them up — all ready for snacking on this week!!! Nearly 70% of […]

Crying Over a Game of Dominoes

The other morning I found myself sitting at our dining room table crying over a game of dominoes. I wasn't sad per se. Well, maybe a little, but for the right reason. I had asked Tom if he had talked to his parents recently. He responded that he had. The obvious next question, was, well, how are they doing. His reply was what made me cry. When he had talked with his mom she had said something along the lines of the two of them (his parents) not getting along that day. Now, I realize that after being married for […]