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Sounds of the City

“Some people” might consider the sounds of the city stressful. As I sit here with my coffee, I hear… the light rail dinging its bell, the engines of buses and cars revving, sirens from emergency vehicles, construction workers pounding, the whir of air exchange systems. I am not “some people.” This is my peaceful and happy place. Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on […]

Dine & Dash

On Mother's Day, Tom and I rode our new bikes to Uptown Minneapolis to have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. As we approached, it was evident by the line out the door, there might be a wait. To our surprise, we were seated almost immediately on the patio. There was a young family behind us, mom, dad, two children. I'm guessing between 4-6 years of age. It was very clear, based on their very loud conversation, they were not happy with the service or the food. Shortly after we were seated, the woman called the server over and […]

You Matter

You matter even more than you know. And someone, somewhere, is waiting for you to show up today!!! It’s not the whoIt’s not the doIt’s not the where, what, whyIt’s what you believe And this is what I believe. Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on […]

A Poem About Lilacs

Tom and I went for a bike ride this afternoon and came upon the most beautiful lilac bushes at a local park. I was inspired to write a poem about them. Stop and smell the lilacs.Count your blessings along the way.Stop and smell the lilacs.It will bring joy to your day.Stop and smell the lilacs.There's time to work and time to play.Stop and smell the lilacs.Take pause and pray. Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on […]

Use Your Words

In the heat of a meltdown, tantrum, or overwhelm, three words that mommas everywhere have said to their whining toddler, “use your words.” Words carry meaning, express emotion, convey a message. We teach our children from the time they are little to “use your words.” Then school comes along, and they learn how to put their words into writing. To tell a story, share an opinion, sell an idea. Now, I am not a good writer or even a gifted writer. In fact, writing is a laborious process for me. It can take me days to craft a paragraph that […]

Rest in Peace

It doesn't matter how you use them or if you diffuse them. If essential oils are in your home, then you have benefited from Gary Young's vision and relentless drive to heal the world. And while many have hopped on the bandwagon for profit, his was a higher calling. One of purpose. He isn't my father or even my friend. He is the man responsible for the modern day essential oil movement. A movement that has provided my family with the freedom to live life by design and not by default. There are no words for the gratitude that fills […]

Give Up Being a Caterpillar

I am reading a book called Secrets of Six-Figure Women. The author interviewed women who make six-figure incomes (or more), in different industries with various backgrounds, and shares seven success strategies that are common among them. Strategy number one is that of INTENTION; a determination to act in a certain way. While most of these financially successful women denied money was their end goal, they also knew it would take dollars to make their dreams possible. And were DETERMINED to do so. When I started my business, our youngest son was a senior in high school. I graduated from college […]

When You Have a Bad Day

Every once in a great while, I wake up with this weird feeling. My body is overcome with fatigue, it’s usually accompanied by a tension headache and my right eye gets watery. Always my right eye. When it occurs, I immediately know when I wake up. I get “the feeling.” Today, was one of those days. It started with my right eye watering. I chalked it up to sitting outside this morning and drinking my morning coffee. Only by mid-afternoon, the headache was in full swing. And at 5 pm instead of going for a bike ride as planned, I […]

New Bike

I am pretty sure my mom was about my age when she decided she was going to take up bike riding. She went and got herself a nice 3-speed bike and then shortly thereafter my dad got one and they would go bike riding on the Gateway Trail. Today, I officially became my mother. Although my bike has a few more speeds and a basket to boot. Oh yeah, and Tom got a bike too!!! Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on […]

Pout Pout Fish

Listen, we all have pout pout fish in our life. They bring us down every time they swim around. I’m here to tell you, boundaries are a must with this type of fish. It’s not your job to change them or cheer them up. Join the Conversation Join the conversation over on […]