Essential Oils 50 Simple Recipes for a Healthy Body & Healthy Home |

Essential Oils: 50 Simple Recipes for a Healthy Body & Healthy Home

My friend Kyndra Holley and I have been hard at work on our first essential oils ebook.  We are so excited to present to you... Essential Oils: 50 Simple Recipes for a Healthy Body & Healthy Home Scheduled to release in early November, our new essential oils ebook will be available in .pdf format, as well as on Amazon, for Kindle and other e-readers. Essential Oils: 50 Simple Recipes for a Healthy Body & Healthy Home is an incredible resource for essential oil users of all skill levels. In this book, we show you just how simple it is to make healthy, natural and effective essential oil recipes that will rid your body and home of … [Continue Reading...]

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Missing Blogger...Found |

Missing Blogger…Found!

Hello Healthy Living How To friends and family! It’s your long lost friend Vanessa! Have you missed me? I most certainly have missed you! Many of you have messaged and emailed, wondering where I disappeared to… Did I fall off the deep end? I am writing to you today, to tell you, I am alive [Continue Reading...]

All About Avocados |

All About Avocados

The avocado comes from a tree native to Central Mexico. While it is common to refer to the avocado as a vegetable, botanically speaking it is a fruit. Avocados were known to the Aztecs as “the fertility fruit”.[1] The most well-known variety of avocado is Hass. Commonly grown in California, the Hass avocado makes up [Continue Reading...]

10 Health Benefits of Turmeric |

10 Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric, a cousin to ginger, is a well known spice. It is a staple in India and Indian cuisine, where over 90% of the world’s turmeric originates. The turmeric plant contains many healthy compounds, however the compound most studied for its health benefits is curcumin. Curcumin, which gives turmeric its golden color, is a potent [Continue Reading...]

Walk This Way! Health Benefits of Walking |

Walk This Way. Health Benefits of Walking.

Now that the weather is warming in northern part of the United States, it’s much more common to see people walking and hiking through neighborhoods and on local trails. Walking might be one of the most convenient and healthiest forms of exercise. In fact, when the number of steps people take per day is measured, [Continue Reading...]