6 Steps To Healthy Cholesterol | healthylivinghowto.com

6 Steps To Healthy Cholesterol

Contrary to conventional wisdom, cholesterol is not the enemy. The question on the lips of many Americans these days is, "How do I lower my cholesterol?" We've all been told that the secret to living a long, healthy, heart-disease free life is lowering your cholesterol. And believing that a low cholesterol count is the best way to prevent heart disease, doctors often prescribe medications like statins to keep these levels low. But these drugs can introduce a whole host of problems and may not even work. The truth is, your body needs cholesterol in order to function properly. So, it's not about having lower cholesterol; it's about having the … [Continue Reading...]

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10 Things To Remember When You Feel Lost & Alone | healthylivinghowto.com

10 Things To Remember When You Feel Lost And Alone

“This morning I felt lost and alone as I was driving home after a brutal breakup with my boyfriend.  I turned on the radio and the Michael Jackson song ‘You Are Not Alone’ was playing.  A few seconds later, at the exact moment the chorus began, I passed a huge billboard sign with big black… [Continue Reading]

The Bitter Truth About Sweet Drinks | healthylivinghowto.com

The Bitter Truth About Sweet Drinks

Teens and adolescents, when left to their own devices, often make poor choices when it comes to the food and beverages they put in their mouth. Although kids have opportunities to buy junk food outside the home, most of the poor quality foods they eat are found in their home. Parents must understand the impact… [Continue Reading]

7 Ways To Spring Cleanse Your Kitchen | healthylivinghowto.com

7 Ways to Spring “Cleanse” Your Kitchen

Nothing screams spring like a good, solid cleanse, both for your body and your home. This is typically the time of year I get the itch to ditch and clean out every square inch of my home, tossing clutter and broken toys {keep that low, my daughter might be listening}, vacuuming nooks and crannies, scrubbing… [Continue Reading]

The Dangers of Air Fresheners +10 Natural Alternatives | healthylivinghowto.com

The Dangers of Air Fresheners + 10 Natural Alternatives

You’ve probably seen the commercial: A mom walks into a teenager’s room, takes a sniff and tells him no “nice” girl would ever want him because his room smells like (shocker!) teenage boy. She tells him it’s time to “wash” his room and hands him a bottle of Febreze, which he proceeds to spritz on… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Recipe: Lamb Chops with Mint Pesto | healthylivinghowto.com

Healthy Recipe: Lamb Chops with Mint Pesto

Using fresh herbs to make sauces such as pestos, can be a great way to add variety to a Paleo diet. You can mix and match combinations of nuts and herbs to accompany different proteins. For this dish, I choose to make a mint pesto, as mint and lamb are a classic pairing that you can… [Continue Reading]