Stretched & Scared |

Stretched & Scared

I’m sitting in a fancy hotel room in Park City all alone. If I weren’t holding them back, tears would be falling down my face…. [Continue Reading]

Views |


We’ve driven under this pedestrian bridge countless times going in and out of the city. It is “the” place where photographers hang out to take… [Continue Reading]

Gala Dress |

Basic Black or Navy & Lilac

…that is the question??? Black is 99% of the time my color of choice. It’s classy and elegant. The navy and lilac is FUN and… [Continue Reading]

Let Your Light Shine |

Let Your Light Shine

When I started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect. I just knew I had a passion for helping… [Continue Reading]

We Got Into a Fight |

We Got Into a Fight

…and everything is alright!!! I get upset when I feel I am not being understood. Tom gets upset when he feels he isn’t being respected. I… [Continue Reading]

Two Things |

Two Things

1. Good morning The sun woke me at exactly 5:59 am. The earth is tilted in just the right position so that when the sun… [Continue Reading]

Sounds of the City |

Sounds of the City

“Some people” might consider the sounds of the city stressful. As I sit here with my coffee, I hear… the light rail dinging its bell,… [Continue Reading]

Dine & Dash |

Dine & Dash

On Mother’s Day, Tom and I rode our new bikes to Uptown Minneapolis to have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. As we approached,… [Continue Reading]

You Matter |

You Matter

You matter even more than you know. And someone, somewhere, is waiting for you to show up today!!! It’s not the whoIt’s not the doIt’s… [Continue Reading]

A Poem About Lilacs |

A Poem About Lilacs

Tom and I went for a bike ride this afternoon and came upon the most beautiful lilac bushes at a local park. I was inspired… [Continue Reading]

Use Your Words |

Use Your Words

In the heat of a meltdown, tantrum, or overwhelm, three words that mommas everywhere have said to their whining toddler, “use your words.” Words carry… [Continue Reading]

Gary & Vanessa |

Rest in Peace

It doesn’t matter how you use them or if you diffuse them. If essential oils are in your home, then you have benefited from Gary… [Continue Reading]

Give Up Being a Caterpillar |

Give Up Being a Caterpillar

I am reading a book called Secrets of Six-Figure Women. The author interviewed women who make six-figure incomes (or more), in different industries with various… [Continue Reading]

When You Have a Bad Day |

When You Have a Bad Day

Every once in a great while, I wake up with this weird feeling. My body is overcome with fatigue, it’s usually accompanied by a tension… [Continue Reading]

New Bike |

New Bike

I am pretty sure my mom was about my age when she decided she was going to take up bike riding. She went and got… [Continue Reading]

Pout Pout Fish |

Pout Pout Fish

Listen, we all have pout pout fish in our life. They bring us down every time they swim around. I’m here to tell you, boundaries… [Continue Reading]

How to Have a Good Day |

How To Have a Good Day

Over the weekend Tom and I stopped at the bookstore to peruse books (one of our favorite things), drink coffee (another of our favorite things), and do… [Continue Reading]

Gotta Have Faith |

Gotta Have Faith

Truth. I’ve been on day fifteen of my #100daystobrave since last Friday. I didn’t want to post…just to post. I needed to ponder. So, day… [Continue Reading]

Keep A Firm Grip |

Keep a Firm Grip

I know at least one of my friends needs to hear this today!!! I hope this verse blesses you as it blessed me last week… [Continue Reading]

Cinco De Mayo |

Cinco De Mayo & My Mom

Today has me thinking about my mom. I don’t know anyone who wished they were Mexican more than her. She married a Mexican, had four… [Continue Reading]