The Toxic Truth About Tattoos |

Nanoparticles in Tattoos May Cause Cancer

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gotten a tattoo and after reading this study I am glad I avoided them. If you’ve ever… [Continue Reading]

Vitamin D. Cancer Treatment & Prevention |

The Importance Of Vitamin D In Cancer Treatment And Prevention

There is a huge volume of research showing the relationship between vitamin D and cancer. The benefits of this vitamin, or hormone in this regard,… [Continue Reading]

How To Reduce the Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Use |

The Harmful Effects of Cell Phone Use And How To Reduce Them

We all know it by now, cell phones emit radio-frequency energy. The one thing still up for debate is whether or not this radio-frequency energy… [Continue Reading]

Chronic Cardio Is Not Healthy! |

The Evidence Continues To Mount Against Chronic Cardio

The Evidence Continues to Mount Against Chronic Cardio written by Mark Sisson and originally published at, is syndicated with exclusive permission for Healthy Living How To. It’s been awhile… [Continue Reading]

How To Eat Healthy Lose Weight And Feel Awesome Every Day |

How To Eat Healthy, Lose Weight and Feel Awesome Every Day

Do you want to learn how to eat healthy? If you do this, you will lose weight without counting calories and feel better every single… [Continue Reading]

How To Cure A Sinus Infection Naturally

It’s been known since the last century that antibiotics have been proven to not help you recover from a sinus infection (sinusitis) any faster than a placebo. Still,… [Continue Reading]

Eating for Brain Health |

5 Keys to Eating for Better Brain Health

Although many people may see the value in the grain- and gluten-free diet proposed by Grain Brain, getting them to take the final step, to… [Continue Reading]

5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Antibacterial Soap |

Five Reasons Why You Should Probably Stop Using Antibacterial Soap

A few weeks ago, the FDA announced a bold new position on antibacterial soap — manufacturers have to show that it’s both safe and more effective than… [Continue Reading]

Need More Sleep? How To Get Your Best Night Ever! | featured

How To Manufacture The Best Night Of Sleep In Your Life

How To Manufacture The Best Night of Sleep In Your Life written by Mark Sisson and originally published at, is syndicated with exclusive permission for… [Continue Reading]

7 Super Supplements for Your Brain |

Grain Brain and the Seven Super Supplements

A brain-healthy, Alzheimer’s-fighting diet, has properties that extend far beyond just decreasing your daily carb load. To truly provide your body with brain-boosting nutrients and… [Continue Reading]

7 Sources of Stress You Tolerate Too Often |

7 Sources of Stress You Tolerate Too Often

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” ―E.E. Cummings Life is to be enjoyed and appreciated, not endured and tolerated.  Which is… [Continue Reading]

6 Reasons Why I Do Not Trust The Mainstream Health Authorities

The mainstream health authorities have an excellent track record of getting things wrong. Since the failed low-fat diet was born in 1977, rates of obesity and diabetes have… [Continue Reading]

9 Unwritten Rules of the Gym |

9 Unwritten Rules of the Gym

I love working out at a gym. Research has clearly shown the benefits of being around other healthy-minded people, and a gym or fitness center… [Continue Reading]

Sitting is Killing You

Sitting is Killing You! And What You Can Do About It.

Sitting is killing you. Being sedentary or sitting, is associated with many health risks, including a 112% increase in diabetes risk, 147% increase in cardiovascular… [Continue Reading]

5 Fatty Foods That Are Actually Healthy

5 Fatty Foods That Are Actually Healthy

The body needs saturated fat. It is necessary for many metabolic processes — cell membranes need saturated fat to function properly and our heart muscle… [Continue Reading]

9 Health Benefits of Fish Oil

9 Health Benefits of Fish Oil

Omega-3 supplementation plays an important role in health and performance throughout life. These nutrients are most often associated with heart health, but they do far… [Continue Reading]

Natural Preventative Treatment for Migraines

Magnesium: A Natural Treatment for Migraines

According to the National Headache Foundation, migraines affect more than 28 million people. Almost half experience chronic migraines. And magnesium deficiency could be one of… [Continue Reading]

How Do You React To Stress

How Do You React to Stress?

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the weekend! This week has been a test of my resolve to not overreact and handle… [Continue Reading]

Guide to Insulin Resistance

The Amateur’s Guide to Insulin Resistance

Diabetes. Insulin resistance. Carbohydrate intolerance. Blood sugar problems. These terms come up frequently in the news, radio and the web. Often, they’re used in ways where… [Continue Reading]

Mediterranean Low-Carb Paleo Which Diet is Best

Mediterranean, Low-Carb or Paleo, Which Diet is Best?

As the fascination with a low-fat diet fades into history, along with VHS tapes and New Kids on the Block, three diets are getting more… [Continue Reading]