5 Toxic Reasons I Gave My Make Up A Make Over

5 Toxic Reasons: Why I Gave My Make-Up a Make-Over

My mother has a form of dementia called Lewy Body Disease (LBD). It is neurological in nature, with no known cure. Most research suggests those… [Continue Reading]

Help! What To Do About High Cortisol

What To Do About High Cortisol

The body’s reaction to stress is called the “stress response”. Without this finely tuned process, we would not be able to get through a day…. [Continue Reading]

Step Four Accesorize

Don’t Let Sitting Be The Death of You

I’ve been talking about my treadmill desk intermittently on the Healthy Living How To Facebook Page for some time now. Enough so, that it is… [Continue Reading]

Obesogens: What Are They? How To Avoid Them!

“Rebecca is a 5 yr old girl who has gained 20 lbs in one year and is referred to us for premature breast development. An… [Continue Reading]

Killing Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

Video Notes Sugar is cancer food, cut off the carbs and kill off the cancer. Fred Hatfield, killed his cancer, completely gone, one year later…. [Continue Reading]

Set Your Immune System Up for Success: Optimize Nervous System Function

In part 1 of this series on immune health, we talked about how you can improve your immune system by optimizing gut function. The approach… [Continue Reading]

5 Strategies to Side Step Sugar

5 Strategies to Side-Step Sugar

Over the top, but true, excess sugar is toxic to our health. In all its forms, whether processed or natural (I’m looking at you honey… [Continue Reading]

Set Your Immune System Up for Success: Optimize Gut Function

Ever wonder why some people get sick more often than others? Or why some people get hit harder with the flu or cold while others… [Continue Reading]

Stress: The Link to Adrenal Fatigue and Our Health Part I

In my second article for CarbSmart, the topic at hand is Stress: The Link to Adrenal Fatigue and Our Health. In part I of a… [Continue Reading]

Metabolism: 5 Factors That May Be Affecting Yours

Most people think of their metabolism as being either fast or slow. Or how many calories they burn. Often times we try to trick our… [Continue Reading]

Is artery clogging fat really healthy?

Over the past several decades, much focus has been paid to both dietary and blood levels of cholesterol. However, despite countless studies conducted on the… [Continue Reading]

Guide to Stevia

In his book The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth, author Jonny Bowden states, “One particular taste that seems to be clearly human, one that is… [Continue Reading]

A Lesson On Leptin

Today, my friend Andrea McDaniel, Holistic and Integrative Registered Dietitian, is going to teach you about a little hormone called leptin. Meanwhile, I am busy… [Continue Reading]

Top 10 Healthy Foods I’ve Been Enjoying This Summer

This summer, Tom and I have watched, the now retired TV series, Lost on HuluPlus. We are in the middle of season 5 with just… [Continue Reading]

My Food Philosophy

I recently received some push back and “dislikes” on the Healthy Living How To Facebook Page after extolling the “healthiness” of bacon. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post,… [Continue Reading]

Fact or Fiction: 5 Low-Carb Myths

I’ve been an ardent supporter of a low-carb lifestyle for the better part of the past decade. Like many, I embarked on my low-carb lifestyle… [Continue Reading]

Question and Answer: Low-Carb & Sugar-Free, What’s the Difference?

Question What is the difference, if anything between low-carb and sugar-free? For example, my father is a diabetic and I’ve noticed that he eats sugar-free… [Continue Reading]

5 Lessons from the Low-Carb Cruise

We’re back in the Twin Cities after a week-long “working vacation” of sorts. Tom and I are both passionate about health, fitness and nutrition, as… [Continue Reading]

Question and Answer: Adrenal Fatigue

It’s been some time since my first video blog and dare I say, it’s already getting easier to do. In fact, once I got the… [Continue Reading]

Healthy Treats: Part I

Empty calories. A term used to describe the calories in the American diet that fail to deliver any nutritional benefits. These so-called empty calories come… [Continue Reading]