Healthy Looking Sugar Addicts Beware |

Healthy Looking Sugar Addicts BEWARE!

As someone who has been in the fitness industry for most of my career, I have met a lot of women over the years who… [Continue Reading]

Why You Need Sleep If You Don't Want Dementia

Why You Need Sleep If You Don’t Want Dementia

I’ve mentioned on a few occasions my mother has a form of dementia called Lewy Body Disease (LBD). The most common response I get when… [Continue Reading]

6 Reasons To Eat Meat For Optimal Health |

6 Reasons To Eat Meat for Optimal Health

I eat meat. Animal protein is a really important part of a healthy diet. I eat vegetables as well. And nuts and seeds. And on… [Continue Reading]

How To Properly Execute a Reverse Lunge

Say Goodbye to Flat Butt Syndrome

It is common for both women and men to have lazy glutes. For the most part, this is due to what is called quad dominance. Basically,… [Continue Reading]

8 Ingredients Supplement Companies Use To Cut Corners |

8 Ingredients Supplement Companies Use to Cut Corners

As Zig Zigler often said, “good things are seldom cheap, and cheap things are seldom good.” When it comes to nutritional supplements, that statement couldn’t… [Continue Reading]

2nd Annual No Candy Pledge: I Dare You!

Are you up for a healthy challenge? Let’s start the holiday season off with a commitment to living healthy in mind, body and spirit with… [Continue Reading]

Vitamin D Natural Defense Against the Flu

Vitamin D: Defense Against the Flu Bug

School is back in session, Monday night football has started and signs of fall are popping up everywhere (I’m not talking about the Halloween display… [Continue Reading]

Reversed Healthy Problems

Food is Medicine: 57 Health Problems Reversed

Have you reversed any health problems by changing your diet? This was a question I posed to my Healthy Living How To Facebook Fans this… [Continue Reading]

Adrenal Fatigue What To Do When You Just Can't Do It Anymore |

Adrenal Fatigue: What to do when you just can’t do it anymore!

The body’s reaction to stress is called the “stress response”. Without this finely tuned process, we would not be able to get through a day…. [Continue Reading]

Soda Sweets and Sugar

The Lion’s Share of Calories: Soda, Sweets & Sugar

According to a new study published in the journal Nutrition, the lion’s share of calories, in American adult and adolescent diets, comes from — soda…. [Continue Reading]

Real Men Eat Real Food

Real Men Eat Real Food

Even though the majority of the Healthy Living How To readers are female, today’s blog post, written by my special guest, Brad Shepherd from Fooduciary,… [Continue Reading]

Happy Eat Your Vegetables Day!

Yep! It’s true. June 17th is really Eat Your Vegetables Day! I love me a food holiday with no need to healthify (like we did for… [Continue Reading]

10,000 Steps

Saturday, Steps & Snapshots

Confession. It took every ounce of my discipline to get in 10,000 steps yesterday. With my partner in healthy crime out-of-town, my motivation to move… [Continue Reading]

Saturated Fat

Why The Body Needs Saturated Fat

In 2010, a large meta-analysis (21 studies with nearly 350,000 subjects), published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concluded there is no association between… [Continue Reading]

Sleep & Stress. Why You're Not Sawing Logs |

Sleep and Stress: Why You’re Not Sawing Logs

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, sleep has to be right up there at the top of healthy habits to implement. If you… [Continue Reading]

Health Nuts

Adrenal Fatigue: Health Nuts Podcast

I was invited to be a guest on the Health Nuts Podcast hosted by my friends Caitlin Weeks and Mary Vance. We recorded the podcast… [Continue Reading]

Health Consequences of Oral Contraceptives

Jagged Little Pill: Health Consequences of Oral Contraceptives

The birth control pill (BCP) along with female sterilization has been the leading method of birth control since 1983. According to the CDC, 82% of… [Continue Reading]

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Cancer Fighter

Jane Iredale Cosmetics

Reader Q & A – What Cosmetics Do You Use?

Today’s blog post answers the question I regularly get from my readers…what cosmetics do you use? According to the Office of Cosmetics and Colors at… [Continue Reading]

Melasma Before After

Adrenal Fatigue: How I Reversed Melasma

Did you know that melasma and adrenal fatigue are related? And that both can be reversed? It’s true! If you are suffering from either or… [Continue Reading]